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SimplePagedView screenshot


A PageViewController replacement built to be as simple as possible

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BNMenuViewController screenshot


Animated menu for iOS

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MagazineLayout screenshot


A collection view layout capable of laying out views in vertically scrolling grids and lists.

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Tagging screenshot


A TextView that provides easy to use tagging feature for Mention or Hashtag

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GPJDataDrivenTableView screenshot


GPJDataDrivenTableView is a data-driven way to use UITableView

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CropPickerView screenshot


Image Crop View

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FooterLinker screenshot


Useful sticky table footer view.

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TinderSwipeView screenshot


Swipe view inspired by tinder

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JAPagerViewController screenshot


JAPagerViewController is a simple pager based view controller to display sequence of views in single view.

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CustomScrollView screenshot


Make Indicator always visible for UIScrollView in iOS

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PinCodeInputView screenshot


A input text view for entering pin code.

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TagStyledView screenshot


Easier view of the style of the tag view View to receive and display cells of the collection view

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HASuggestionField screenshot


HASuggestionField is a iOS suggestion list written in Swift. It suggests list of items provided against any symbol. It allows user to select any of the suggested item from dropdown. Then it applies provided attributes on selected item. Items are also defined by structs. These structs will define each item's properties.

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SPPhotoViewer screenshot


A customisable smart photoviewer of your photos!!!

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JAPinView screenshot


Repository provides the swift source for JAPinView, which is used to handle UI component of OTP or pin view.

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NotificationView screenshot


You can easily implement iOS Basic Notification screens. There is a default theme and a dark theme. You can attach an image to the Notification screen with only the UIImageView. You can adjust the disappearance time. You can get a delegate or callback for the visible and disappearing states. You can get delegates and callbacks for tap.

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ASSpinnerView screenshot


Spinner as a loading indicator

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SSProgressBar screenshot


Customizable progressbar

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TableviewPaginator screenshot


While paginating in UITableView, several things required to do manually, when doing this task for each and every view controller, code duplicity and effort is high priority issue. To resolve this use TableviewPaginator, which helps to paginate data to feed into UITableView. It also provide flow for necessary UI i.e showing a loading cell while end of the tableview reached and meanwhile allow reload the whole tableview using a refresh control.

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navigation-toolbar screenshot


Navigation toolbar is a slide-modeled UI navigation controller made by @Ramotion

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ContinuesTouchCollectionView screenshot


A collection view subview for handling multiple continues touches on cells.

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