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MZDayPicker  screenshot


An iOS day picker to allow users to select date

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ChatHeads screenshot


ChatHeads is a new feature in 6.0 where little bubbles appear in the iOS app when somebody sends you a message. It's a nice little feature and uses very cool animations. This project is an attempt to re-implement this feature and to figure out how the animations are done. I don't support this project in a way to completely implement all features of ChatHeads. It should only illustrate how parts of ChatHeads are done.

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DMX Dip screenshot


A DMX Dip (switcher) for iOS usefull for adressing DMX devices. A different toogle/switch control Implementation example in an iPhone storyboard (binary <==> decimal) --------------- Easy integration (external XIB/Class) Getter method Direct editing with keyboard Toogles Integration example ---------------

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YIDragScrollBar screenshot


Attaches draggable scroll bar on top of original UIScrollView for iOS5+, works like a charm.

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BButton 3.0 screenshot

BButton 3.0

Twitter Bootstrap Buttons for iOS.

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KBPopupBubble screenshot


Twitter-style popup bubbles with dynamic, animated pointer arrows.

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WSCoachMarksView screenshot


WSCoachMarksView is an iOS drop-in class that displays user coach marks with a rectangular cutout over an existing UI. This approach leverages your actual UI as part of the onboarding process for your user. Simply define an array of rectangles (CGRect) and their accompanying captions.

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UINavigationBarAdjustableTint screenshot


A subclass of UINavigationBar that allows you to control the level of tint brightness that is applied to the tintColor

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MDRadialProgress screenshot


A custom UIView useful to represent progress in discrete steps. Current version 1.3.2. It has the following features: * Draw progress in separated slices or as a single arc. * Can customize all colors, the distance of the slices and their thickness. * Clockwise and anti-clockwise drawing order. * Can start progress from any slice, not necessarily from the top. * Display a label with the current progress. The label size automatically adapts to the space available and can be customised with a block. * Themes support for easier customisation of multiple views. * Fully accessible * Support iOS 6.0+ * 4-clause BSD licensed (*) * The original BSD allows you to use and redistribute the software in both Open Source and commercial applications, but **it requires attribution**. Your software must contain, either in the software itself or on the product page and in any advertising material the sentence: ``` This product includes the MDRadialProgress software component developed by Marco Dinacci. ``` or simply: ``` This product includes software developed by Marco Dinacci. ``` I'm aware that some people need a license agreement which does not require attribution. If you’re in that situation, you can easily purchase a non-attribution license from my [online license store]( If the original BSD license doesn't cut it for you please let me know by writing an e-mail at hello AT I'll be happy to help.

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Star Rating View screenshot

Star Rating View

Drop in 5 Star Rating View - Swipe / Tap to change rating, swipe left to reset - Animated / Non animated - Label / without label - Debug mode with colors

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M6ParallaxController screenshot


Parallax controller for a parallaxed view and a table view

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DOTabbar screenshot


Lightweight and customizable tab bar control with support for grouping items for Mac OSX.

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TWStatus screenshot


Show notification status on Status bar mimicking Sunrise and Mailbox.

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ADSlidingViewController screenshot


An easy to use sliding view controller packed full of features. Supports all iOS devices that can run >= iOS 5.

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Circular Progress Indicator screenshot

Circular Progress Indicator

Just a custom (determinate) Circular Progress Indicator

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Twitter Archive Viewer screenshot

Twitter Archive Viewer

A viewer app for twitter archive. The usage is Just replacing "tweets" folder with yours.

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FAWE -  Font Awesome library for iOS screenshot

FAWE - Font Awesome library for iOS

FAWE is a library that helps you leverage the excellent icon font library Font Awesome in your iOS projects. FAWE extends default Cocoa framework components to make working with icons as easy as possible. FAWE also provides some classes of its own. The basis for all iconic UI controls is FAWEIconView, which you can use either as a standalone component or with standard UI controls, such as UIButton. FAWEIconView extends UILabel, so you can use the properties of UILabel to control its look and feel, but it also introduces some features of its own, such as gradient icon color and inner shadow.

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UIEffectDesignerView screenshot


A native Particle Systems effect view for iOS and OSX powered by QuartzCore. Apple provides Particle Systems Emitter via the CAEmitterLayer - you can have particle effects in your UIKit or AppKit apps, without using 3rd party emitters. Use the UIEffectDesigner ( to create a particle system file, then use the open source view control to display the particles on screen with just 2 lines of code! Check out the GitHub page for more information

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STPView screenshot


STPView is a custom UIView component that abstracts the lower level Stripe APIs. It'll deal with formatting credit card numbers, validation, and securely sending off the card data to Stripe. This repo also includes the Stripe iOS bindings. The Stripe iOS bindings can be used to generate tokens in your iOS application. If you are building an iOS application that charges a credit card, you should use these bindings to make sure you don't pass credit card information to your server (and, so, are PCI compliant).

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WTStatusBar screenshot


Simple iPhone/iPad status bar overlay with text (and optionally Foursquare-like progress bar) display

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THCircularProgressView screenshot


THCircularProgressView is a UIView subclass with a circular bar useful for illustrating progress.

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