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NetworkActivityIndicator screenshot


More easily interface with the network activity indicator in the status bar.UIApplication category and demo app.

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SpinKit screenshot


UIActivityIndicatorView replacement with multiple styles and animations.

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GRProgressIndicator screenshot


Reimplementation of NSProgressIndicator with some customization support

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SDSCardsFireProgress screenshot


A progress indicator inspired by AppsFire progress animation. That is: - 3 "cards" evenly spaced around a half-circle; - at each step in your progress, the set of card will rotate around the ...

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LLACircularProgressView screenshot


An iOS7 style circular progress view with a stop button. * Animated progress display * Stop button * Respects iOS7 interface tint color * Automatically dims the tint color when an alert view ...

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UIScrollView+ScrollIndicator screenshot


Customizable scroll indicator implemented as a category on UIScrollView.

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ITProgressIndicator screenshot


A replacement class for `NSProgressIndicator` driven by Core Animation

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TSActivityIndicatorView screenshot


This is very simple view class that looks like an UIActivityIndicatorView but is fully customizable. It's great for you if you want to add indicator view to you game or app and it should be customi...

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JSCustomBadge screenshot


A simple iOS badge drawn with CoreGraphics

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DDIndicator screenshot


Full reimplementation of UIActivityIndicatorView allowing easy UI changes. In this version it will change between 4 different colors.

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DiamondActivityIndicator screenshot


This is a remake of the UIActivityIndicatorView class. It's based on a concept by @Sentry_NC (found here:

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RSLoadingIndicator screenshot


This project clones the Yahoo weather app's loading indicator with no image at all, everything is drawing using Quartz and everything can be customised. All you needs are importing two files und...

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UITypingIndicator screenshot


a gorgeous component to show when a user is typing. :)

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JHActivityButton screenshot


UIButton Subclass with a built-in UIActivityIndicator. Based off the Ladda concept by Hakim El Hattab

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MLPAccessoryBadge screenshot


MLPAccessoryBadge is a delightfully customizable UIView subclass that renders text inside a badge, created mainly for use in a UITableViewCell as its accessoryView property. Use it to hint at quant...

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ETActivityIndicatorView screenshot


A Windows Phone-like activity indicator for iOS.

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Circular Progress Indicator screenshot

Circular Progress Indicator

Just a custom (determinate) Circular Progress Indicator

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FPActivityView screenshot


A low profile activity indicator. Works great in tableviews. Customize the image to get a color you perfer.

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WDActivityIndicator screenshot


Custom Activity Indicator View with a simple image animation. Use it to substitute the default UIActivityIndicator. Simple and light usage.

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FSExtendedAlertKit screenshot


Simple replacement for UIAlertView and UIActionSheet with block callbacks, and quick access to alerts with UIActivityIndicatorView and UIProgressView subviews.

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YLActivityIndicatorView screenshot


A Facebook-like loading indicator.

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