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BFNavigationBarDrawer screenshot


A UIToolbar subclass that can easily be displayed below a UINavigationBar, similarly to the playlist view in the Music app.

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MWViewsContainer screenshot


Lightweight Views container with top bar with customizable options pod 'MWViewsContainer'

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BBBadgeBarButtonItem screenshot


Create a BarButtonItem with a badge on top. Easily customizable. Your BarButtonItem can be any custom view you wish for. The badge on top can display any number or string of any size or length. Re...

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MSSlidingPanelController screenshot


The MSSlidingPanelController is a library which allows to easily integrate in your iOS 7 project a sliding panel mechanism. It is able to manage two panels which can be configured separatly. Eit...

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APDropDownNavToolbar screenshot


iOS7 Messages App style toolbar that drops down from navigation bar when tapping on the UIBarButton item.

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CRToast screenshot


A modern iOS toast view that can fit your notification needs

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WishlistAnimation screenshot


iOS App Store's "Add to Wish List" animation

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CCKFNavDrawer screenshot


CCKFNavDrawer is a custom navigation controller that provides an Android-style navigation drawer.

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CRFAQTableViewController screenshot


CRFAQTableViewController allows you to quickly and easily display a clickable interface to navigate question and answer style content.

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KeyboardController screenshot


Simplifies iOS keyboard handling.

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ADDropDownMenuView screenshot


ADDropDownMenuView is an iOS navigation drop down style view

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M13ProgressSuite screenshot


A suite containing many tools to display progress information on iOS. So far the suite contains: A interchangeable set of progress views of different styles. All the progress views are base...

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SlideNavigationController screenshot


A Path or Facebook-like slide menu for iOS. Any bug report or feature request should be submitted to

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TH-NavigationStack screenshot


A control that organizes multiple navigation controllers in a stack with search option in both the states.

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MSDynamicsDrawerViewController screenshot


Container view controller that leverages UIKit Dynamics to provide a realistic drawer navigation paradigm. Here's some example gifs to see MSDynamicsDrawerViewController in action: You can <a...

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AMScrollingNavbar screenshot


Scrollable UINavigationBar that follows the scrolling of a scrolling view (e.g. UIScrollView, UITableView or UIWebView). Similiar to Chrome or Facebook for iOS7.

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PanToBack screenshot


Pan gesture To Back Naivigating in iOS App Gif Screenshot HERE

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YASlidingViewController screenshot


Yet Another SlidingViewController for iOS. Why did I create this? I have tried several other implementations that have failed to support any type of UIViewController and allow me to fully customize...

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CRGradientNavigationBar screenshot


Custom UINavigationBar subclass which allows gradient coloured navigation bar on iOS 7.

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C360NavigationBar screenshot


A subclass of UINavigationBar with a solid appearance. It has two advantages over a stock opaque UINavigationBar: * It sets its bar colour based on your window's tintColor, and will dim when you...

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RNFullScreenScroll screenshot


Pinterest-like scroll-to-fullscreen UI for iOS 5.0+

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CRNavigationController screenshot


A UINavigationController subclass that brings about a more vivid, brighter UINavigationBar.

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SGNavigationProgress screenshot


A category for showing a Safari-like progress view on a UINavigationBar

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ZGNavigationBarTitle screenshot


ZGNavigationBarTitle -- Subtitle on NavigationBar with awesome animation.

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SCStackViewController screenshot


SCStackViewController is a generic container view controller which allows you to stack child view controllers on the top/left/bottom/right of the root and build custom transitions between them whil...

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