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MSDynamicsDrawerViewController screenshot


Container view controller that leverages UIKit Dynamics to provide a realistic drawer navigation paradigm. Here's some example gifs to see MSDynamicsDrawerViewController in action: You can <a href="">fling it</img>, <a href="">bounce it</img>, <a href="">open & close it</img>, and <a href="">replace it</img>.

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PanToBack screenshot


Pan gesture To Back Naivigating in iOS App Gif Screenshot HERE

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MCPanelViewController screenshot


Drop-in panel control for iOS with blurring background and screen-edge activation gestures.

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NSString-Japanese screenshot


NSString category methods for working with Japanese strings. * converting between Romanji, Hiragana , Katakana and Kanji * replacing Kanji with Hiragana * identifying the kind of Japanese text contained in the a string (based on unicode ranges) Brief example write up at :

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ZGExpandZoomView screenshot


just another Parallel Zoom Header image expand and zoom. Less than ten lines of code.

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RATreeView screenshot


RATreeView is a class designed to support implementation of the Tree View on IOS. Thanks to the great number of methods in delegate and data source protocols it is highly customizable. You can create Tree View with behaviour and look matched to your needs. It supports unlimited number of tree levels. Works on iOS 5.0+ (tested 6.1). Available via Cocoa Pods (Pod "RATreeView").

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MotionGestureRecognizers screenshot


MotionGestures is a simple, multi-platform gesture recognition library for Leap Motion that mimics the UIGestureRecognizer classes of iOS. Build powerful, gesture driven OS X apps with this simple abstraction layer for Leap Motion.

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ALAlertBanner screenshot


Clean and simple alert (or notification) banners for iPhone and iPad. Multiple configurations and options available. iOS 5.0+ tested.

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SvpplyTable screenshot


Expandable and collapsable Menu using UITableView, like Svpply.

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KLCircleViewController screenshot


Organizes up to 4 UIViewController subclasses into a 'T' Shaped formation where a user can either toggle the various state transitions programatically or by swiping. The control is a clone of the Circle 2.0 app interface

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JKExpandTableView screenshot


Expandable Nested Table View for iOS JKExpandableNestedTableView is a subclass of UITableView that makes it easy to create a table view with expandable/collapsable rows. Recursive nesting is not supported. Compatibility: iOS 4.0+. Requires ARC. Key Features: - Multi-selectable sub-table. - Single-selectable sub-table. - Mixing multi-selectable and single-selectable sub-tables within a single JKExpandTableView. - Customizable background/foreground colors and fonts. - Optional icons.

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MSCTimeSpanPicker screenshot


Picker for selecting a time span using native UIPickerView. It's customizable using UIAppearance, brings it's own delegate for efficient and fast integration in exisiting projects and uses ARC.

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Slide View Controller screenshot

Slide View Controller

Control is for a 3 panel slide.

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ExpandableRows screenshot


ExpandableRows allows you to show a tree of hierarchical data, e.g. files and folders.

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RMSwipeTableViewCell screenshot


RMSwipeTableViewCell is a drop-in UITableViewCell subclass that supports pan gestures as seen in apps such as Clear, Mailbox, Sparrow and many more. It includes a number of delegate callbacks to help you integrate it into any project as well as a number of properties for look and feel customization. Demo project included.

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OCExpandableButton screenshot


A Sparrow-like expanding toolbar button in CoreAnimation.

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EtPanKit screenshot


EtPanKit is an Objective-C interface for the libEtPan email framework for Mac. It features fast, efficient, and secure IMAP and SMTP connections, abstract classes for maximum subclass-ability, an abstraction from the LibEtPan C-interface, IDLE requests, NSOperation based classes which are submitted asynchronously to their queue, and block-based and delegate-based callbacks for operations. This particular fork is under active development because of it's use in the DotMail project.

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JASidePanels screenshot


UIViewController container designed for presenting a center panel with revealable side panels - one to the left and one to the right.

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JPStackedViewController screenshot


Stacked UIViewControllers with some style. Stack multiple view controllers that can be moved around. Both Swiping and panning gestures work (only left/right).

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BZSlideOut screenshot


The slide-out control demo, like Path, where you can slide left and right. Basic functions are ready, more to go

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CycledViewerDemo screenshot


The CycledViewer is a custom controller, inspired from the ABC News app.It can be panned up or down to cycle through a set of custom views.

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