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UIViewController-ScrollingStatusBar screenshot


Category for UIViewController with UIScrollView to scroll statusBar along scrollView

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DAPageControlView screenshot


A scrollable page control for those rare cases when UIPageControl won't fit screen width. I just love UIPageControl, don’t you? It’s simple and intuitive. It does not get any more "native" than ...

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KPCClipShadowsScrollView screenshot


A simple Cocoa NSScrollView subclass that allows to draw on its top and its bottom small shadow rectangles to provide a subtle and discrete fade effect, for a smoother visual transition.

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PHPageScrollView screenshot


PHPageScrollView is a UIScrollView subclass that allows scrolling of multiple pages. Support a data source and delegate. Flexible implementation.

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PADTiltViewController screenshot


Add tilt capability to one directional scroll views on iOS.

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SHViewPager screenshot


A simple view pager for iOS, which acts similar to android's viewPager. Compatible with iOS 8.0 or later. Supports iPhones and iPads in all interface orientation. ## Advantages * [x] Support...

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KDCycleBannerView screenshot


A cycling or looping scroll view for banners and galleries.

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DVOBouncer screenshot


Add gravity bouncing to UIScrollView content.

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EBPhotoPages screenshot


EBPhotoPages is a photo gallery library for displaying pages of photos and their meta data in a scrollview. Users are able to zoom photos in and out, as well as create, edit or delete comments and ...

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TKScroller screenshot


TKScroller is a simple iOS app with UIScrollView + UIPagecontrol , TKScroller can display one or more images , Create Tutorail screen , Show Text Details + show different viewcontrollers views,Web ...

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PWParallaxScrollView screenshot


PWParallaxScrollView is a library that provides a simple way to implement a Windows Phone Panorama-style parallax container.

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StickyHeaderView screenshot


Example of how to create a UITableView HeaderView which sticks to the top and stretches when pulled down. Kind of like the Tinder app does.

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ANBlurredTableView screenshot


Animated blur and tint background on UITableView scroll. - Customizable tint. - Animate between two different alphas for a darken or lighten effect. - Works in the background and animates in ...

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XHScrollMenu screenshot


XHScrollMenu is a display column elements, base on NetEase News App.

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SKAnimateScroll screenshot


Infinitely scroll images.

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IDScrollableTabBar screenshot


Custom scrollable tab bar that highlights selected item like under magnifying glass. You can customize it as you wish! More information: h...

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RDRStickyKeyboardView screenshot


Replication of iMessage's text input behavior on iOS 7 (UIScrollViewKeyboardDismissModeInteractive + persistent inputAccessoryView)

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SWParallaxScrollView screenshot


A UIScrollView subclass that supports multiple layers with parallax scrolling. Layers can either scroll slower or faster than the default scroll view. Layers with a negative value scroll slower whi...

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CRMotionView screenshot


A custom photo viewer that implements device motion scrolling, inspired by Facebook Paper.

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ASScrollView screenshot


ASScrollView animation an ios control which scroll between image with fading animation and it can be used as an image gallery

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ABFullScrollViewController screenshot


Custom ViewController to hide the toolbar when user makes scroll. Like Facebook, Safari, Twitter...

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LRScrollingSidebarController screenshot


Sidebar controllers are certainly one the the most implemented UX patterns in iOS. They became very popular due to Facebook and Path implementation. Nowadays, there are a lot of them, too may I'd s...

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IBScrollViewFloatingHeader screenshot


Floating header view category for UIScrollView and UITableView

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DRPaginatedScrollView screenshot


Implement a paginated scroll view really easily using blocks. - **Block-driven** pages setup. - **Jump** between pages (with **bouncy effect**). - Automatic **jump** to the next page **by tapp...

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RFKeyboardToolbar screenshot


This is a flexible UIView and UIButton subclass to add customized buttons and toolbars to your UITextFields/UITextViews. This is used in

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