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SCPageScrubberBar screenshot


SCPageScrubberBar is a page scrubber bar like ibooks. SCPageScrubberBar works with iOS5.0+ and ARC.

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PATabBarController screenshot


Container UIViewController that allows to present multiple view controllers when embedded in UINavigationController through the segmented control in the navigation item

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PBEmojiLabel screenshot


This is a UILabel category which allows you to insert Emojis you use in Campfire, GitHub, Basecamp,, Teambox, Trac and Flowdock without the need to calculate where to insert some UIImages representing the Emojis.

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FPTitleSwipeView screenshot


A title swipe similar to the Sparrow Mail app. Fully working. Used inside a UINavigationController's titleview.

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Location Map screenshot

Location Map

A Design pattern to show the locations and map in an efficient way, the UI mimics Foursquare's checkin view.

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MCProgressBarView screenshot


Progress bar with custom images

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SGSelectedViewController screenshot


A custom dropdown-style menu for iOS apps. Requires ARC and iOS 5.1 or higher.

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ShortcutRecorder screenshot


The best control to record shortcuts on macOS - Objective-C framework developed with Swift in mind - Easily stylable - Translated into 22 languages - Supports macOS Accessibility - Thoroughly documented and tested - Global and Local shortcuts for both key up and key down actions - Mac App Store approved - End-to-end Interface Builder integration

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NLImageShowcase screenshot


ImageShowcase is a UIView subclass. It can be easily integrated to any application and almost everything is customizable to fit into any App.Some of its features are, Customizable layout with configurable, Thumbnail Size, Thumbnail Row & Column Spacing, Top and Left Spacing. It has a stand alone independent Image Viewer as well. It has optimized thumbnail generation technique which resize and then crop an image to fit into size defined. When user touch-and-hold (long press) thumbnail the delete view with springboard animation is activated.

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ITSearchField screenshot


ITSearchField is a subclass of NSSearchField, which can collapse and expand if you click the search icon.

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EECircularMusicPlayerControl screenshot


EECircularMusicPlayerControl is a UI control to play a music and indicate its progress. It's easy to use in your project, and supports customization of the colors applied to the component parts.

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FTWButton screenshot


FTWButton is a UIControl subclass that lets you easily set color, gradient, text, and icon properties for various states and animates between them.

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XCDFormInputAccessoryView screenshot


XCDFormInputAccessoryView is a view to be used above the keyboard with previous, next and done buttons for navigating text fields.

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ZAActivityBar screenshot


An easy-to-use activity bar that's meant to non-intrusively display the progress of a task.

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CKSideBarController screenshot


CKSideBarController is a UITabBarController-like UIViewController for iPad. Inspired by Twitter for iPad, as well as my own work.

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UIActivityCollection screenshot


A collection of UIActivity providers.

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MSNavigationPaneViewController screenshot


MSNavigationPaneViewController is a view controller class that handles the presentation of two overlaid child view controllers. The "pane" view can moved with a swipe gesture to reveal the "master" view below. This interface paradigm easily enables the navigation seen in Facebook, Path, and many others.

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A3ParallaxScrollView screenshot


A UIScrollView subclass with a parallax scrolling effect.

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WCBeforeAfter screenshot


An image control that lets you compare 'before' and 'after' images side by side.

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GKLParallaxPictures screenshot


Parallax viewcontroller with photo gallery at the top

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ITPathbar screenshot


ITPathbar is a subclass of NSPathComponent that allows making a custom design.

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