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MDCShineEffect screenshot


Add a "shine" effect to any view, like in

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MDCParallaxView screenshot


Create a parallax effect using a custom container view, much like the top view of Path's timeline.

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MDCScrollBarLabel screenshot


An animated scroll bar to present extra information to be used when scrolling on a UIScrollView. Y'know, like the clock on Path.

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InformaticToolbar screenshot


InformaticToolbar is mainly an UIViewController Category which allows you to add several UIBarButtonItems set to your toolbar. The sets are defined as subclasses of ITBarItemSet. All ITBarItemSet can have a dismiss button if the target and action has been defined. If more than one set has been added, a switch button (an arrow) will be displayed on the left for user to switch between sets. For now, there are three pre-defined controls: 1. ITLabelBarItemSet: a textLabel and a detailTextLabel. 2. ITProgressBarItemSet: a textLabel and a progressBar. 3. ITConfirmationBarItemSet: two label and a check-mark button. You can easily create new sets by extending ITBarItemSet yourself.

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CEGuideArrow screenshot


A custom UI component to point at different locations on the screen at arbitrary angles and sizes. Can be used for tutorials, hinting at what inputs have errors, etc.

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DSBarChart screenshot


A simple Objective-C Bar Chart / Histogram library.

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OBMenuBarWindow screenshot


OBMenuBarWindow is an NSWindow subclass that can be attached to an icon the menu bar or dragged away to become a regular window.

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CHDigitInput screenshot


A UIPickerView alternative for entering integer values.

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SquareQuote screenshot


Full source code for SquareQuote, an iPhone app for creating and sharing beautiful quotes in a visual format.

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YHCPickerView screenshot


YHCPickerView extends UIPickerView with a search bar to help your users easily filter the picker view's contents when it contains lots of records.

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ABTest screenshot


iOS Library for performing remotely controlled and monitored A/B Split Tests in your iOS App. Provides UIButton controls for split-testing button text and button background image. Also provides a generic mechanism for testing String values which can be used to control any messaging or behaviour.

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REComposeViewController screenshot


Replicates functionality of SLComposeViewController introduced in iOS 6.0. You can create composers for any social network out there. REComposeViewController doesn't provide logic for sharing, only its visual part.

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HHTabListController - Vertical tab view controller screenshot

HHTabListController - Vertical tab view controller

HHTabListController is an implementation of a tab controller where tabs are listed in a table view hidden behind the active view controller. The list of tabs may be revealed using a swipe gesture or by touching a button. Visually the implementation is similar to the sliding menu or navigation bar seen in many iOS applications. To my knowledge the idea was pioneered by the Facebook app. The HHTabListController implementation was written for the ACTPrinter 4.0 application. The code presented here is identical to the one used in the shipped product.

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AMRatingControl screenshot


AMRatingControl is a UI control that resembles the 'star rating' control seen in the iPod app. AMRatingControl allows you to select a rating starting from 0 to any number of stars you want. You can use default star symbols and customize colors or specify custom images.

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MKSocialShareTableViewCell screenshot


A fairly self contained table view cell that enables the iOS 6 social sharing feature and can be easily “dropped in” to any configuration or options view based on a table view. Includes (replaceable) icons for Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo.

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PercentageChart screenshot


Animated chart that shows a percentage value.

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RNAvatarLogin screenshot


This project was entirely inspired by the beautiful GoSquared Login. It is a really unique and peculiar way to "entertain" the user while a task completes. Using a Gravatar fulfills purposes in a login: it lets the user validate that they have entered their email, and it also provides a more personal experience by welcoming the user to see their account.

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HCYoutubeParser screenshot


HCYoutubeParser is a class which lets you get the iOS compatible video url from YouTube so you don't need to use a UIWebView or open the YouTube Application.

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D3Kit screenshot


D3Kit is an easy to use layer to communicate with the Diablo 3 API maintained by Blizzard Entertainment. D3Kit handles all of the requests and gives you a simple block style callback system for successes and failures. After successful reqeusts are made, D3Kit parses the JSON response from Blizzard and builds NSObjects for you to use in your apps.

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WeatherKit screenshot


WeatherKit is a simple and elegant solution to obtaining local weather information via the WeatherBug API. WeatherKit is built as a static library. Installation is as simple as dragging and dropping into your project. Using this project is even easier.

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RNBoilerplate screenshot


RNBoilerplate is my solution to reusing structure, categories, configs, and third-party libraries/frameworks. It is a bundle of my necessary frameworks, libraries, helpers, and settings for each Xcode project with configurable options.

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