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WeatherKit screenshot


WeatherKit is a simple and elegant solution to obtaining local weather information via the WeatherBug API. WeatherKit is built as a static library. Installation is as simple as dragging and dropping into your project. Using this project is even easier.

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RNBoilerplate screenshot


RNBoilerplate is my solution to reusing structure, categories, configs, and third-party libraries/frameworks. It is a bundle of my necessary frameworks, libraries, helpers, and settings for each Xcode project with configurable options.

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DAModularTableView screenshot


UITableView subclass that absracts away the ugliness involved with creating static or modular UITableViews. Settings and menu pages are a snap to create with DAModularTableView.

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LinkedIn Share screenshot

LinkedIn Share

An easy-to-use drop-in component to share content on LinkedIn.

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MMTabBarControl screenshot


A modernized, now view based, re-write of good old cell based PSMTabBarControl. Uses blocks and view animations. Compatible with OSX 10.6.x-10.8.x. Needs Xcode 4 to compile. New Styles 'Card' and 'Safari'.

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LXReorderableCollectionViewFlowLayout screenshot


Extends UICollectionViewFlowLayout to support reordering of cells. Similar to long press and pan on books in iBook. The goal of LXReorderableCollectionViewFlowLayout is to provides capability for reordering of cell, similar to iBook. - Long press on cell invoke reordering capability. - When reordering capability is invoked, fade the selected cell from highlighted to normal state. - Drag around the selected cell to move it to the desired location, other cells adjust accordingly. Callback in the form of delegate methods are invoked. - Drag selected cell to the edges, depending on scroll direction, autoscroll in the desired direction. - Release to stop reordering.

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JCAutocompletingSearch screenshot


Search controller table view widget for querying asynchronous backends allowing user selection from results.

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MSCurrencyFormatter screenshot


This will format a text field similar to how an ATM works. This allows easy entry of dollar amounts. If on an iPhone it can even add a positive/negative toggle button to the keypad. If on an ipad it will only allow numbers to be entered and if a user taps the minus symbol it will act as the toggle. Also it includes a helper class method to return a NSDecimalNumber of what is in the textField. Enjoy!

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UIMonthYearPicker screenshot


UIMonthYearPicker is a UIPickerView subclass that allows you select date from month and year only, no days.

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PTSSpringBoard screenshot


A springboard implementation, as know from the Apple iOS mainscreen. Supports moving and deletion of items. Work with all interface orientations and for different screen-sizes. Was tested with the iPhone (should work on the iPad too). The PTSSpringBoard uses a UITableView like delegation pattern to communicate with its data source and delegate. The code is documented - and the demo project should demonstrate the possibilities of the class. You are allowed to use this class for any of your projects (be it commercial or open source). If you do so, you are invited to give credits to the author Ralph Gasser (pontius software GmbH, Switzerland). If you alter the class and/or improve upon it, you are kindly asked to share your work under the same terms.

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DMActivityInstagram screenshot


A UIActivity subclass for sharing to Instagram via iOS 6's new sharing system.

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UIKeyboardCoView screenshot


A UIView to appear along the iOS default keyboard. It manages also ROTATION when keyboard is present. For iOS4+ The UIKeyboardCoView is totally CUSTOMIZABLE. Just add one UIKeyboardCoView in your XIB and put anything you need inside it :) To know how to manage rotation, please check the Readme in the download webpage

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AllAroundPullView screenshot


Pull-To-Refresh for 4 direction.

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FDStatusBarNotifierView screenshot


A notifier view for iOS that resides in the status bar.

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SHSidebarController screenshot


A sidebar controller with a folding effect

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YIFullScreenScroll screenshot


Pinterest-like scroll-to-fullscreen UI for iOS

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KOKeyboard screenshot


KOKeyboard is an iOS drop-in component that adds a new row of keys to the default on-screen keyboard. It consists of swipe buttons with all common symbols, punctuation and brackets, and a special navigation key. It was developed for Kodiak PHP, an app which allows you to write and run PHP code directly on the iPad. A swipe button has 5 symbols on it. If you simply tap it, it will produce the middle symbol. However if you swipe it (tap-and-drag) towards one of the corners, it will produce the symbol in that corner. The navigation key (the middle one with a circle on it) allows you to navigate in the text by moving the cursor in a direction where you drag. If you drag the navigation key, the cursor will move the same way as you drag. If you double tap and drag it will start selecting text from your current position. To see the component in action, take a look at the video at or try our app called Kodiak PHP on the App Store.

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DMCircularScrollView screenshot


Infinite/Circular Scrolling Implementation for UIScrollView DMCircularScrollView implements an infinite. When creating paging functionality for your apps, there may be times that an infinite page loop would be desired. For example, if you have a small gallery of photos you are displaying, you may want to swipe through the set and have it start back at the beginning once you reach the end. The user would be able to continue swiping as much as they wanted in one direction to continue to view the content. DMCircularScrollView allows you to create an endless paginated scrollview.

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KRFoldingViews screenshot


KRFoldingViews is a really simple animation library that creates a folding or unfolding animation effect on your views.

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Chrome Progress Bar screenshot

Chrome Progress Bar

A custom progress bar with Google Chrome style

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PMCalendar screenshot


Yet another calendar component for iOS. Compatible with iOS 4.0 (iPhone & iPad) and higher. PMCalendar supports selection of multiple dates within one or several months, could appear as a popover (if you used UIPopoverController before, you'll find PMCalendar management very similar), supports orientation changes out of the box and does not require any third party frameworks.

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