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SMPageControl screenshot


UIPageControl’s Fancy One-Upping Cousin. Designers love to make beautifully custom page controls that fit in with all the wood, gradients, and inner shadows they've worked so hard perfecting. ...

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BubbleButtonView screenshot


Fill a UIView with rounded-corner UIButtons based off of an array of strings. This class also sequentially animates the adding and removing of buttons for a nice UI touch.

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LHDropDownControl screenshot


A simple drop down selector control for iOS. Hold the button (top part) and the control will expand. Slide down to choose an option. Letting go will select the option and contract the control.

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FTWButton screenshot


FTWButton is a UIControl subclass that lets you easily set color, gradient, text, and icon properties for various states and animates between them.

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DejalActivityView screenshot


DejalActivityView conveniently displays a horizontal, bezel-style, or keyboard-covering view with a spinning activity indicator and adjustable text. Includes DejalActivityView: a simple horizont...

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ZAActivityBar screenshot


An easy-to-use activity bar that's meant to non-intrusively display the progress of a task.

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UIActivityCollection screenshot


A collection of UIActivity providers.

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PhotoZoom screenshot


iOS project which closely mimics the behavior of the Apple Photos app including gestures for double taps and two finger taps as well as zooming and pinching which is more automatic. A single tap al...

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ISRefreshControl screenshot


An iOS4-compatible version of the UIRefreshControl, introduced in iOS 6.

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Flat Pill Button screenshot

Flat Pill Button

A custom UIButton subclass that has the Letterpress look and feel.

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FPNumberPadView screenshot


A simple but highly customisable numeric keyboard for iPhone. Uses ARC. Currently does not support rotation, you are welcome to implement it. Includes some input checks to allow only 2 decimal digi...

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MNMPullToRefresh screenshot


MNMPullToRefresh is a solution to add pull-to-refresh feature at the top of an UITableView. This solution has its basis on the Mediator design pattern (

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InformaticToolbar screenshot


InformaticToolbar is mainly an UIViewController Category which allows you to add several UIBarButtonItems set to your toolbar. The sets are defined as subclasses of ITBarItemSet. All ITBarItemSe...

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THContactPicker screenshot


An iOS view used for selecting multiple contacts. This view mimics the contact selection in the Apple Mail app

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KBButton screenshot


An OS X button adapted from BButton. Adds Twitter Bootstrap style buttons to OS X

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IZValueSelector screenshot


A simple selector inspired by UIPickerView but based on UITableView ... Update : I just added some support for horizontal scrolling as well (Still using UITableView for that)

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FontasticIcons screenshot


FontasticIcons is an Objective-C wrapper for iconic fonts.

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DSBarChart screenshot


A simple Objective-C Bar Chart / Histogram library.

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YHCPickerView screenshot


YHCPickerView extends UIPickerView with a search bar to help your users easily filter the picker view's contents when it contains lots of records.

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MKGradientButton screenshot


A simple UIButton subclass with a linear gradient. The button also supplies an optional in-view activity indicator.

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IMOAutocompletionViewController screenshot


Very fast autocompletion UITableView based controller - Fire it, set the data source and delegate and you're good to go.

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