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Smooth Line View screenshot

Smooth Line View

Smooth & fast line drawing from touch inputs for UIViews using Quartz

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PSMTabBarControl screenshot


This my fork of PSMTabBarControl. It was originally created by, then updated at The initial commit of my fork is from r291 of the Google code repo. Project hasn't been updated on either site in a few years, but still works well. My fork is an attempt to modernize some of the code and interface for my own purposes, but I can't promise I'll keep maintaining it.

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CubeTabBarController screenshot


The normal switching between view controllers on UITabBarControllers is boring. No animation whatsoever. So I decided to add a cube animation. It uses CoreAnimation to be able to rotate around the Y-axis (the one pointing out of the top of the phone). I had to use CATransformLayer to preserve the 90° angle while keeping the edges of the views touching.

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ToolDrawer screenshot


A collapsible toolbar that is affixed to one of the four corners of the screen.

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FlipView screenshot


Magazine Style View/Layout like Flipboard. Originally created by Raw Engineering, but their repository has strangely gone missing.

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BHTabBar screenshot


A tab bar implementation for UIKit that resembles familiar web browser tabs (*not* a UITabBar). Tabs are rendered on top of a content view which is defined by the currently selected tab's view controller. The tabs are rendered using Core Graphics; no images are used. 

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TBTabBar screenshot


Custom Tab Bar imitating TweetBot's tab bar.

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JSScrollableTabBar screenshot


A simple, refined tab bar for iOS that resembles the TabStrip control found in the popular Three20 library, without the dependencies.

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CKSparkline screenshot


Provides sparkline graphs. Sparklines are well suited to visualizing information in the screen resolution available to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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ALCustomTabBarController screenshot


Allows customization of the standard UITabBarController such that the UI can be modified from it's standard iOS look and feel.

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InfiniTabBar screenshot


A scrolling tab bar with space for infinite items

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JMTabView screenshot


Dark-themed tab view rendered in Core Graphics (ie. no images need to be added to your project). Manages the layout of buttons and icons automatically. Tabs can be added simply by calling: [tabView addTabItemWithTitle: ... icon: ...];

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HSImageSidebarView screenshot


A view based on the sidebar in Apple's Keynote app for iPad.

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LBProgressBar screenshot


This is a custom progress bar. Since it's a subclass of NSProgressIndicator it's very easy to use.

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TPKeyboardAvoiding screenshot


A drop-in universal solution for moving text fields out of the way of the keyboard in iOS.

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BulbView screenshot


Cocoa/UIKit view to display text like light-up bulbs on a sports scoreboard.

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JGMenuWindow screenshot


A NSWindow and NSTableView to simulate the appearence of a NSMenu.

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TDSemiModal screenshot


Semi-modal view & DatePicker for IOS.

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BCStatusItem screenshot


A view and NSStatusItem category to let you easily expand the functionality of NSStatusItem. One issue with NSStatusItem is getting it's location/frame on the screen. You can do this if it has a custom view, so one of the features of BCStatusItem is to by default have a custom view that behaves like NSStatusItem does by default.

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GCJumpBar screenshot


NSControl subclass that mimics the Xcode 4 Jump Bar.

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MAWeekView screenshot


A weekly view for viewing events, displays a whole week. Navigation using the arrows on the top of the view or using the swipe gesture.

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