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OSNavigationController screenshot


OSNavigationController is a open source re-implementation of UINavigationController. It currently features only a subset of the functionality of UINavigationController, but the long-term aim is to ...

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ABCustomUINavigationController screenshot


Subclass of UINavigationController for overwriting push and pop methods to create new transitions effects. Currently it has been implemented two transition animations: - SquaresFlip The scree...

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KLCircleViewController screenshot


Organizes up to 4 UIViewController subclasses into a 'T' Shaped formation where a user can either toggle the various state transitions programatically or by swiping. The control is a clone of the C...

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MJTransitionEffect screenshot


Transition from UITableViewCell to Detail Controller with animation on enter and exit. This can be seen in multiple apps. Right now, it is totally customizable. There are 3 sections for these a...

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TSTabView & TSNavigationStripView screenshot

TSTabView & TSNavigationStripView

TSTabView UI component that allows to flip left and right through pages of data. TSTabView can manage set of UIView or UIViewController objects. TSNavigationStripView control is used to display av...

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KOMovingNavigationBar screenshot


A UINavigationBar that slides out of view when the user scrolls down and automatically slides back in when scrolling up. Compatible with UIScrollViews and subclasses (i.e. UITableView).

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MDSlideNavigationViewController screenshot


A UINavigationController sub class with neat, custom push and pop animations. * When pushing onto the stack, the old view shrinks in size as the new view slides in. * When popping, the old vi...

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LRAccessoryView screenshot


LRAccessoryView is a custom UIToolbar view for iOS that enables a control for form navigation (like Safari)

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KLNavigationController screenshot


Solves the common issue where developers want to change the rootViewController of the UINavigationController after initialization. This is a drop in replacement for UINavigationController that ...

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DTNavigtionController With DTFolderBar screenshot

DTNavigtionController With DTFolderBar

Linux file browser folder navigation style view.

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THGridMenu screenshot


A fluid grid menu layout system that adjusts item width with device rotation. THGridMenu is a UIView that is initialized with number of columns per row, gutter size, margin and row height. You c...

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MSSlideNavigationController screenshot


Facebook like UINavigationController to slide back to previous view controller.

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ITNavigationView screenshot


An iOS-like navigation view driven by Core Animation. It can replace its subview with a slick animation.

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MMDrawerController screenshot


A lightweight, easy-to-use side drawer navigation controller. MMDrawerController is a side drawer navigation container view controller designed to support the growing number of applications th...

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FlipBoardNavigationController screenshot


This is a new navigation controller inspired by Flipboard.

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SGBDrillDownController screenshot


A parent view controller for the iPad which manages a stack of controllers similarly to UINavigationController while keeping the top two controllers visible similarly to UISplitViewController.

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UINavigationBarAdjustableTint screenshot


A subclass of UINavigationBar that allows you to control the level of tint brightness that is applied to the tintColor

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ADSlidingViewController screenshot


An easy to use sliding view controller packed full of features. Supports all iOS devices that can run >= iOS 5.

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SBScrollNavigation screenshot


This subclass of UIScrollView serves as a Navigation which can hold buttons or other views which respond to clicks. Source Code includes usage example.

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MBSpacialViewController screenshot


Create a gesture-driven map of view controllers in 2D space.

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Navigation Menu screenshot

Navigation Menu

Navigation Menu is an Objective-C component which adds the ability to show menu from the navigation bar. Inspired by Vkontakte app.

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TRVSNavigationControllerTransition screenshot


Push/Pop transition for entire UINavigationController views. The photo is using `pushViewControllerWithNavigationControllerTransition:`. Now, by using multiple layers we can keep the navigationB...

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JASidePanels screenshot


UIViewController container designed for presenting a center panel with revealable side panels - one to the left and one to the right.

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BZSlideOut screenshot


The slide-out control demo, like Path, where you can slide left and right. Basic functions are ready, more to go

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CMNavBarNotificationView screenshot


An in-app notification view that mimics the iOS 6's revolving notification views which appear above the navigation bar. Features: * Animation and layout similar to iOS 6 notifications * Prov...

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