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ICProgressPanel screenshot


A panel to display the current status, including uploading, cancel if needed, waiting response, and upload finish.

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DDSlidingPanels screenshot


4 sliding panels on every side of the screen! Panels are global for your application, that means that you configure each panel once and the panel is available to the user from any navigation state of your application. Does not matter if you use UITabBarController or UINavigationController - user will always have access to the sliding panels. User can show/hide panels either with tap on the dragger image (customizable) or with swipe on the dragger image, much like you swipe in the notification panel on the iPad/iPhone from the top. Show/hide speed may be adjusted from the code. Most useful feature is the support of the custom ViewControllers. I.e. you can create your custom view controller in the storyboard, assign Storyboard ID to it and after that you can supply the ID to the sliding panel in the code. The panel will embed your ViewController, adjusting its size and properly sending viewDidAppear: and other standard messages! See how it looks in the real app: Please note, the code can be used only on iOS 6 and later. It is based on the latest Apple features, like NSLayoutConstraint and ViewController embedding.

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MSNavigationPaneViewController screenshot


MSNavigationPaneViewController is a view controller class that handles the presentation of two overlaid child view controllers. The "pane" view can moved with a swipe gesture to reveal the "master" view below. This interface paradigm easily enables the navigation seen in Facebook, Path, and many others.

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KLExpandingSelect screenshot


A UI Control based on Summly's expanding sharing control. <p>This control is dual licensed:</p> <ul> <li><strong>- For Free,</strong> under the terms of the <a href = "">Apache 2.0 licence</li></br> <li><strong>- Commercial license,</strong> under the <a href="">Cocoa Controls commercial license agreement, v1</a> This option allows you to sell apps using the KLExpandingSelect.</li> </ul> <br>

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HHPanningTableViewCell - Swipe to reveal screenshot

HHPanningTableViewCell - Swipe to reveal

HHPanningTableViewCell is a UITableViewCell implementing "swipe to reveal" a drawer view. Such a view typically holds action buttons applying to the current row. This behavior is seen in a number of iOS applications. To my knowledge the idea was pioneered by Loren Brichter for Tweetie (aka Twitter for iPhone). The HHPanningTableViewCell implementation was written for the [ACTPrinter 4.0 application]( The code presented here is identical to the one used in the shipped product.

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DDExpandableButton screenshot


A single-file iOS5+ class (ARC compatible) designed to be used like an expandable UIButton ; as seen in the iOS Camera app for the "flash" button.

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PSDirectoryPickerController screenshot


Allows the user to browse for and choose a directory from a hierarchical list. Similar to NSOpenPanel on OS X.

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KOFiles screenshot


KOFiles – extended table with selection This component is an extended UITableView, suited for showing files and directories. It can display additional information, like date of creation and file size. When an item is selected it shows a toolbox under it. It was developed for Kodiak PHP, an app which allows you to write and run PHP code directly on the iPad. Individual items can be selected by tapping the icon on the left side of them. Multiple selection is allowed. If you select only one item, a toolbox is shown with an animation. To see the component in action, take a look at the video at or try our app called Kodiak PHP on the App Store.

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KOTree screenshot


KOTree allows you to show a tree of hierarchical data, e.g. files and folders. It was developed for Kodiak PHP, an app which allows you to write and run PHP code directly on the iPad. The items can be expanded and collapsed by tapping them. An item can be selected by tapping its icon. To see the component in action, take a look at the video at or try our app called Kodiak PHP on the App Store.

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AJProgressPanel screenshot


Animated progress panel

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AJNotificationView screenshot


Notice component for iOS

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BFColorPickerPopover screenshot


BFColorPickerPopover is a subclass of NSPopover that includes the standard OS X color picker user interface. This helps reducing the inspector window and panel clutter on the screen, as the popover sticks to the content it belongs to.

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JFImageSavePanel screenshot


NSSavePanel wrapper for image save dialogs, similar to those in

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ZKRevealingTableCellView screenshot


A Sparrow-style Implementation of Swipe-To-Reveal.

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RNExpandingButtonBar screenshot


Inspiration for this button bar came from the app Path in which they practically removed the need for a UITabBar by adding a button in the bottom left. The goal with this widget is to replicate that functionality and give you the option of using buttons that animate in and out to reclaim some much needed UI space. The widget is designed to be highly portable and lightweight. Customization is simple, even if you want to tear up the source code. Forks and pull requests are much appreciated.

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ITWLoadingPanel screenshot


Drop-in classes for adding a download info panel.

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UAModalPanel screenshot


UAModalPanel is an alternative modal panel that you can popup in your view controllers to show content that might not need an entire new screen to show. It works on the iPhone and iPad, with or without rotation, and is a non-ARC project.

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CPAnimationSequence screenshot


Declarative UIView animation sequences. With this component you can declaratively describe animation sequences that consist of multiple steps. (Oh, and then you can run them, if you like.)

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HGKOptionPanel screenshot


Hidable option panel with simple animation.

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UIExpandableTableView screenshot


UIExpandableTableView is a UITableView subclass that gives you easy access to expandable and collapsable sections by just implementing a few more delegate and dataSource protocols.

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XMGradientPanel screenshot


A drop-in Gradient Panel for Mac apps that works much like NSColorPanel.

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