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TouchGradientPicker screenshot


TouchGradientPicker is a UIKit framework for displaying and editing color gradients. - Render gradients with a simple UIView subclass and a couple lines of code - Build a customized control for...

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CRColorPicker screenshot


A simple horizontal ColorPicker for iOS apps. Easy to add in your project.

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PARTagPicker screenshot


This pod provides a view controller for choosing and creating tags in the style of wordpress or tumblr.

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MaterialControls screenshot


In 2014, Google published the Google Material Design with a goal to provide guidelines for good design and beautiful UI across all device form factors. For Android, developers can use default An...

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LocationPicker screenshot


LocationPickerViewController is a UIViewController subclass to let users choose locations by searching or selecting on map. It's designed to work as UIImagePickerController. User can select loca...

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JCWheelView screenshot


Support rotation and click event, Support replace image.

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PickerCells screenshot


UIDatePicker or UIPickerView that will slide in/out by tapping on the cell in your UITableView

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MRWorldMapView screenshot


UIView subclass that displays a world map with selectable countries. Its appearance can be customized through IBInspectable properties.

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RAScrollablePickerView screenshot


Lightweight HSB color picker view.

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DYAlertPickerViewDemo screenshot


AlertView with PickerView and Switch

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CustomImagePicker screenshot


1. An integrated Image Picker for iPhone like the one used in FB or twitter. 2. All the images in your Camera Roll is shown as cells in a collection view. You can choose to select fixed number of...

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CZPicker screenshot


a picker view shown as a popup for iOS in Objective-C

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JMActionSheetDescription screenshot


ActionSheet and UIActivityViewController replacement, using a descriptor component.

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KPFontpicker screenshot


Simple container view for a UIPicker that controls text attributes.

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UIPlacePicker screenshot


Simple UIPlacePicker

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MSColorPicker screenshot


Color picker component for iOS. It allows the user to select a color with color components. Supports RGB and HSB color models. Compatible with iOS 8.0 and higher.

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NMDatePicker screenshot


NSDatePicker replacement allowing for appearance customisation.

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CLColorPicker screenshot


Implementation of color picker control which is similar to one that used in original Mac applications like Numbers, Pages, Keynote. Original one has lots of small pictures. This control based on NS...

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DownPicker screenshot


A lightweight DropDownList / ComboBox for iOS, written in Objective-C

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DTColorPicker screenshot


Pick color with image view.

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FSDDropdownPicker screenshot


A simple dropdown list picker for iOS

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