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VDSRippleAnimation screenshot


Ripple Animation for UiimageView with customization.

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WidgetKit screenshot


Lightweight iOS framework for creating codeless native apps.

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EEStackLayout screenshot


A structured vertical stack layout

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TKImageShowing screenshot


Tap on an image to show it full screen

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Circular Progress View screenshot

Circular Progress View

Using Core Animation to create custom progress indicators

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MMParallaxView screenshot


ParallaxView with scroll effect

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BJDraggable screenshot


A simple protocol utilising the powerful UIKitDynamics API, which makes UIView's draggable within a boundary view that acts as collision body with just a single method call. Works for any UIView. D...

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Material-Stepper screenshot


iOS List with sections indexed inspired from new Google Material Stepper

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RHPlaceholder screenshot


Because traditional loading view like UIActivityIndicatorView or similar one are no longer so trendy (Facebook or Instagram apps are moving away from these approaches), I decided to create very sim...

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KFImageViewer screenshot


KFImageViewer is a Kingfisher dependent Swift library providing customizable image slideshow.

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DialScrollLayout screenshot


DialScrollLayout is collection view with scrolling cells with centering at corner of scrollview like old phone dial

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DifferenceKit screenshot


A fast and flexible O(n) difference algorithm framework for Swift collection.

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OffsetCoordinator screenshot


🍏 Handle the header view position when having multiple scroll views.

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FakeFBWall screenshot


This is a fun app to generate fake facebook wall. All the fields visible on the screen are editable. Screenshots attached for better understanding of the app. Code written in Swift 4.

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SwiftyMercuryReady screenshot


Add a "reader" functionality to a WKWebView

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TabBarPageController screenshot


A container view controller for iOS that manages navigation between pages of content using a tab bar.

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ADDatePicker screenshot


A fully customizable iOS Horizontal PickerView library, written in pure swift

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RPicker screenshot


Simple and Easy-to-Use iOS Swift Date and Options Picker

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CPConfettiView screenshot


CPConfettiView is fun animation when user input keyword:

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NVPullToRefresh screenshot


PullToRefresh + NVActivityIndicatorView

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SwiftyComments screenshot


UITableView based component designed to display a hierarchy of expandable/foldable comments.

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LoadingPlaceholderView screenshot


Non-blocking animated gradient placeholder view for your async tasks.

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GeometricActivityIndicator screenshot


A collection of intricate geometric ActivityIndicator animations that add pizzaz to your projects.

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SearchablePicker screenshot


Display Apple system-like picker view. It is well suited for showing a long list of items with a search bar in iOS-like way. It looks very similar to the views shown in Apple System Setting.

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SnackView screenshot


An easy way to present customizable bottom-half alert. SnackView provides some UI elements ready to use.

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