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GSSlidingSelector screenshot


GSSlidingSelector is a controller for selecting a small fixed amount of elements with swipe gestures.

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JEKScrollableSectionCollectionViewLayout screenshot


A UICollectionView flow layout with individually scrollable sections

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DPImageView-Letters screenshot


An easy, helpful UIImageView extension that generates letter initials as a placeholder for user images, with a custom background color and double border with custom stroke width Completely supports SWIFT 4 and SWIFT 3, written excusively for you.

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InteractiveZoomDriver screenshot


UIView to zoomable by pinch gesture.

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RBRoundedCorners screenshot


This Objective-C Category allows to round top corners, bottom corners or all corners of a view. It also provides functionality to round corners and add border from Interface Builder. It is very handy and easy to use.

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AnimationKit screenshot


AnimationKit is collection of animation in swift4 to perform animation in uitableviewcell. Just easy to use only one file copying in your project and use it or using cocoa pod.

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WebController screenshot


A simple WKWebView library. You can simply modify the bottom ToolBar. There is a ProgressView so you can see the Load status of WebView. Once you receive your app's schema from DeepLink or UniversalLink on your website, you can open the app.

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ShimmerSwift screenshot


A swift implementation of Facebooks shimmer effect.

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EEZoomableImageView screenshot


Provides full screen zoom feature to image view like instagram.

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MKToolTip screenshot


MKToolTip is a customizable tooltip view written in Swift that can be used as a informative tip.

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Panels screenshot


It takes care of the safe area in new devices and moving your panel when the keyboard is presented/dismissed.

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VDSRippleAnimation screenshot


Ripple Animation for UiimageView with customization.

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WidgetKit screenshot


Lightweight iOS framework for creating codeless native apps.

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EEStackLayout screenshot


A structured vertical stack layout

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TKImageShowing screenshot


Tap on an image to show it full screen

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Circular Progress View screenshot

Circular Progress View

Using Core Animation to create custom progress indicators

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MMParallaxView screenshot


ParallaxView with scroll effect

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BJDraggable screenshot


A simple protocol utilising the powerful UIKitDynamics API, which makes UIView's draggable within a boundary view that acts as collision body with just a single method call. Works for any UIView. Drag and Drop the `BJDraggable.swift` file from the `Source` folder in project and you are good to go.

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Material-Stepper screenshot


iOS List with sections indexed inspired from new Google Material Stepper

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RHPlaceholder screenshot


Because traditional loading view like UIActivityIndicatorView or similar one are no longer so trendy (Facebook or Instagram apps are moving away from these approaches), I decided to create very simple library which will give you oportunity to have Facebook or Instagram 'view loading state' in your great project without big effort ❗️🍕

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KFImageViewer screenshot


KFImageViewer is a Kingfisher dependent Swift library providing customizable image slideshow.

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