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CMNavBarNotificationView screenshot


An in-app notification view that mimics the iOS 6's revolving notification views which appear above the navigation bar. Features: * Animation and layout similar to iOS 6 notifications * Prov...

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BTBreadcrumbView screenshot


A breadcrumb control for iOS. Features: * Simple API * Animated transition

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FPTitleSwipeView screenshot


A title swipe similar to the Sparrow Mail app. Fully working. Used inside a UINavigationController's titleview.

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XCDFormInputAccessoryView screenshot


XCDFormInputAccessoryView is a view to be used above the keyboard with previous, next and done buttons for navigating text fields.

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MSNavigationPaneViewController screenshot


MSNavigationPaneViewController is a view controller class that handles the presentation of two overlaid child view controllers. The "pane" view can moved with a swipe gesture to reveal the "master"...

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AKFieldsNavView screenshot


Simple UIView subclass for easy UITextFields and UITextViews navigation.

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KOTabs screenshot


With KOTabs you can easily create a tabbed document interface. The user can switch between tabs with a single tap. The tabs can be closed with the "x" icon in the corner. When there are more tabs t...

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KOKeyboard screenshot


KOKeyboard is an iOS drop-in component that adds a new row of keys to the default on-screen keyboard. It consists of swipe buttons with all common symbols, punctuation and brackets, and a special n...

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GHSidebarNav screenshot


A clone of the new Facebook iOS UI paradigm; a sidebar navigation table that is revealed by sliding the main content panel to the right. The search goes full-screen and everything supports the stan...

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FRLayeredNavigationController screenshot


Influenced by the UI of the Twitter and Soundcloud iPad apps we designed a new navigation concept for our product Checkpad MED. FRLayeredNavigationController is the foundation for this new UI. Also...

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DYNavigationController screenshot


DYNavigationController is a Backboard inspired iOS control that enables navigation among UIViews based on swipe gestures. With DYNavigationController, one can simply push and pop UIViews by swi...

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LIExposeController screenshot


LIExposeController is a new navigation paradigm for iOS apps. A great example is LinkedIn's iPhone app. LIExposeController acts as a container view controller, much like UINavigationController o...

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LayoutScrollView screenshot


A layout ScrollView / ViewController pair that implements iOS5 containment and allows for swiping between multiple top level root view controllers. Implements Android style app navigation on iOS.

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TSMiniWebBrowser screenshot


In-app web browser for iOS. There are already some solutions to this problem out there but non of them offers this features. First, this solution solves the well-known UIWebView bug that causes err...

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Accordion screenshot


Tired of UINavigationController? Accordion might be an alternative!. Accordion is a small library for iOS that implements file navigation using accordions.

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CHViewControllerSwitcher screenshot


A replacement for UITabBarController, with useful features. It allows you to create your own selection interface with UI-components. It allows you to use just some part of the window, not the full-...

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APSplitViewController screenshot


Custom UISplitViewController for iPad. Features: it always keeps both sides visible; it's always launched in the Portrait but it's rotated to any direction properly; each side contains UINavigation...

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JTStackController screenshot


Stack view controllers vertically.

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FlipCardNavigationView screenshot


A novel 'flip card' style of navigating between different views in an iPhone app.

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MMGridView screenshot


MMGridView is a simple grid view / dashboard like UI component for iOS.

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PXNavigationBar screenshot


An iTunes-style navigation bar for Mac OS X 10.5 or above, created by Alex Rozanski.

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