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TLAnimatingOutlineView screenshot


An animating outline view for use in OS X applications.

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ExpandyButton screenshot


As seen in camera app on iOS

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CiExpandableTabBar screenshot


ExpandableTabBar is an iOS custom tab bar control. Its behavior emulates the system tab bar with the addition of supporting multiple rows.

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MKEntryPanel screenshot


Unobtrusive Input panel

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Expandable Input Toolbar screenshot

Expandable Input Toolbar

Expandable Input Toolbar in the style of the iPhone messages app

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SliderPageControl screenshot


Alternative for UIPageControl. Instead of tapping on the page control, you drag the thumb to the page you want while previewing the title of the page before you release the thumb to confirm the page jump. If you release it outside of the focus area, it jumps back to the original page. To check out a demo, you can download (only in the iPhone version, not iPad).

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PanelTableView screenshot


Manages multiple UITableViews in a UIScrollView

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StackPanel screenshot


A simple iOS control for stacking UIViews without the hassle of managing a UITableView.

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MHRotaryKnob screenshot


MHRotaryKnob is a UIControl that acts like a rotary knob. In operation it is similar to a UISlider but its shape is square rather than long and narrow. Great for music apps where you can use it as a volume or panning control. You can easily customize the look of the control using your own images.

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