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EasyPickersCollection screenshot


Collection of simple, extensible, easy to use pickers. Inspired by ActionSheetPicker.

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MCCardPickerCollectionViewController screenshot


A card collection view controller inspired by Facebook People you may know page.

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DBImageColorPicker screenshot


It's very useful component for determine different colors from your image. Component picker produces various types of main colors and additional primary and secondary colors.

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DejalIntervalPicker screenshot


`DejalIntervalPicker` is a custom Mac control similar to `NSDatePicker`, but for time intervals or ranges. Features -------- - A custom control with an amount or amount range, units, and ste...

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AKPickerView (Swift) screenshot

AKPickerView (Swift)

A simple yet customizable horizontal picker view, in Swift!

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RKColorSlider screenshot


A Color picker similar to the one found in Slingshot

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DayDatePickerView screenshot


A custom and extensively customizable UIDatePicker which displays the day of week alongside the day of month component. Designed to solve the following problems:

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HSDatePickerViewController screenshot


HSDatePickerViewController is an iOS 8 ViewController for date and time picking, based on awesome look&feel of Dropbox Mailbox application with some customization options.

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JSImagePickerViewController screenshot


A photo/image picker controller that resembles the style of the image picker in iOS 8's messages app.

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DKVerticalColorPicker screenshot


DKVerticalColorPicker is a simple iOS color picker presented as a vertical color bar from which the user can pick a color by its hue. Wings on either side of the color bar indicate the currently se...

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CRMediaPickerController screenshot


An easy-to-use UIImagePickerController replacement for picking Images and Videos.

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CLFaceDetectionImagePicker screenshot


Live Face detection ImagePicker for iPad IOS7/8 Supported. Very easy-to-use and can be easily customised. Purely written in obejct-c, no OPENCV at all! It will trigger the camera u defin...

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InstagramPhotoPicker screenshot


Present Image Picker like Instagram.

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DLFPhotosPicker screenshot


Photos picker for iOS using iOS 8 Photos framework. - Tap and hold a photo to preview (zoom). - Pinch out a photo to preview (zoom). - Drag to select multiple photos quickly. Simply drag to le...

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PeekInspiredTimePicker screenshot


A Time Picker inspired by the beautiful PEEK Calendar application.

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GMImagePicker screenshot


A Photo and Video picker ( similar to UIImagePicker ) supporting multiple selections and UI customizations. Designed for iOS 8 with Photo framework ( PhotoKit )

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DSFacebookImagePicker screenshot


DSFacebookImagePicker is an image picker replacement that selects photos from the user's Facebook account instead of their local photo library. It was designed to be used as similar as possible to ...

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ZLPeoplePickerViewController screenshot


A drop-in contact picker that supports UILocalized​Indexed​Collation

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PickerDemo screenshot


Domo Contains: 1)UITextField inputView as UIDatePicker 2)UITextField inputView as UIPickerView

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DatePickerCell screenshot


Inline/Expanding date picker for table views. Written in swift.

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DVSwitch screenshot


Customizable control based on UISwitch and UISegmentedControl written in Objective-C DVSwitch was inspired by UISwitch and UISegmentedControl. The goals of this code are: * Easily customizabl...

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