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RKParallaxEffect screenshot


RKParallax Effect is written in swift and provides API to create a parallax effect on UITableHeaderView with Full Screen option.

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GetCurrency screenshot


List all currencies available in NSLocale programmatically using swift 2

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ExpandableTableView screenshot


Generic View Controller which can be used to show expandable sections in apps like FAQs. Accespts json data in the form [{"Question":"Question 1","Answer":"Answer 1"] and loads it in tableview with expandable/collapsible cells. Supports iOS 7 and above, iphone and iPad

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MartyJunior screenshot


You can change tab contents with swipe gesture on middle of UITableView!!

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EECellSwipeGestureRecognizer screenshot


Clean and easy way to implement swipe actions to UITableViewCell.

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BIZPickerViewController screenshot


BIZPickerViewController is a useful picker with simple customization and handy features.

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Infinity screenshot


A simple way to make UIScrollView support PullToRefresh & InfinityScroll

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LoadMoreTableViewController screenshot


LoadMoreTableViewController is a TableViewController that helps you to show some data like fetched from a web API successively.

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UILoadControl screenshot


Add a PushToLoad control to any UIScrollView, UICollectionView and UITableView.

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Shari screenshot


Shari is the alternative to the library of UIPickerView(drum roll) in Swift. You can select a item using UITableView. Is inspired to Etsy's view controller transition.

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ANWExpandScrollView screenshot


Expand and collapse a scroll view, animated with a pinch gesture.

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KBKit screenshot


Classes to extend UIKit navigation using key commands.

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CarbonKit Swift screenshot

CarbonKit Swift

CarbonKit is an iOS OpenSource libraries collection. CarbonKit includes: CarbonSwipeRefresh CarbonTabSwipeNavigation

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NewsCommentLayout screenshot


The NewsCommentLayout mimic a view layout of Netease client.(NewsCommentLayout 仿网易客户端跟帖盖楼布局)

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Social News Feed screenshot

Social News Feed

This app provides custom cell and profile views which used such as FB, Twitter or Instagram

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Former screenshot


Former is a fully customizable Swift2 library for easy creating UITableView based form.

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JZBorderedView screenshot


A UIView subclass with four configurable borders and separators via storyboard. Insets are configurable too. An alternative to static UITableView as Static table views are only valid when embedded in UITableViewController instances.

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materialView screenshot


Extension for UIView. Class support two type of animation: show (present) and tap (touch). Very easy for use

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YMSwipeTableViewCell screenshot


YMSwipeTableViewCell is a lightweight library that enables table view cell swiping.

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SAStickyHeader screenshot


A very simple sticky header with multiple image support via swipe gestures

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BMCustomTableView screenshot


BMCustomTableView is a UITableView subclass, written in Swift, that lets you customize and animate your table view cells.

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