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Google Map 3d Marker screenshot

Google Map 3d Marker

Simple implementation of a 3d marker where you just need to set the header and position of the marker i would love if anyone uploaded a dae model of an SUV and other cars since i only have one which i bought since all the free models weren't in High Definition

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CollectionViewPagingLayout screenshot


Simple layout for make paging with UICollectionView.

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DJCaptureButton screenshot


Camera styled capture button with 3D touch

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gif3d screenshot


A tool support convert image gif to gif3d

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XYDebugView screenshot


XYDebugView is debug tool to draw the all view's frame in device screen and show it by 2d/3d style like reveal did.

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3D Circle Menu screenshot

3D Circle Menu

Animating circle View in Tab Bar controller

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FlyoverKit screenshot


Perform a 360° Flyover on an MKMapView

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iOSGesturizer screenshot


Enables gesture interaction for iOS apps running on devices with 3D-touch. Features: * Gesture mode is activated when a user applies additional pressure to the screen. * Gestures can be executed anywhere on the screen * Supports training mode to learn gestures (based on OctoPocus). * Training mode is activated when a user 'hesitates'. * Customizable gestures.

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HMStackView screenshot


3D Stacked ViewControllers control for iOS

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Donut screenshot


Donut is a library for arranging views circularly like a donut.

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BSStackView screenshot


3D Stacked View control for iOS

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AR-Pizza-Slicer screenshot


Let Augmented Reality help you to create a perfect sliced pizza in 5 different shapes!

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DangerousDaveUnity3D screenshot


Legendary Dangerous Dave game ported to all platforms using Unity 3D

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ParallaxCarousel screenshot


A lightweight 3D Linear Carousel with parallax effect

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EssentialTableView screenshot


A detailed project on UITableView which includes Parallax effects, Collapse/Expand UITableViewCell, 3D Touch on UITableViewCell

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STPopupPreview screenshot


An alternative peek preview for non 3D Touch devices. Inspired by Instagram.

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PeekView screenshot


PeekView supports peek, pop and preview actions for iOS devices without 3D Touch capability.

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3D Touch Support for the simulator screenshot

3D Touch Support for the simulator

3D Touch Peek/Pop support for the Simulator for debugging purposes.

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JZMultiChoicesCircleButton screenshot


Multi-choices circular button with 3D parallax effect

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SBSwifty3DTouch screenshot


This is simple 3D Touch with Static and Dynamic ShortCutItems in Swift.

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3dTouch screenshot


Example of using View controller preview for 3d touch

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