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Custom Alert Controller screenshot

Custom Alert Controller

Custom Alert Controller is a sample application which provides a way to show custom alert with Header. This will add a provision to add header to Alert controller and custom alert options.

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CPAlertViewController screenshot


Create a custom alert view with animation

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CFAlertViewController screenshot


CFAlertViewController is a library that helps you display and customise alerts and action sheets on iPad and iPhone. It offers screen rotation as well as an adaptive UI support. CFAlertViewController’s functionality is almost similar to the native UIAlertController. But it has some unique features like header and footer view support and other UI modification functionality which opens up a wise range of possibilities. Do check it out.

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JDropDownAlert screenshot


Simple Drop Down Alert View with title and messages

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BIZPopupView screenshot


BIZPopupView is a custom popup as ContentView of that can be used any content of UIViewController. Can be used as custom alert.

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OYSimpleAlertController screenshot


OYSimpleAlertController is very simple Alert written in Swift.

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NYAlertViewController screenshot


Replacement for UIAlertController/UIAlertView with support for content views and UI customization.

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URBNAlert screenshot


URBNAlert is a customizable alert view based off of iOS's UIAlertController. UIAlertController was a great improvement over UIAlertView, but you still cannot apply custom fonts, colors, or other styles to the alerts. URBNAlert gives you that flexability. You can also pass custom UIView's into a URBNAlert, and create passive alerts with no buttons that dismiss after a period of time.

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