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DDBlackWhite screenshot


Make your image black and white

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ADChromePullToRefresh screenshot


Yet another custom pull to refresh for your needs. Inspire by this dribble and Google Chrome iOS app. Check out the demo gif for the full overview 🚀

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DZNWebViewController 3.0 screenshot

DZNWebViewController 3.0

An iPhone/iPad mini WebKit browser controller with navigation controls and contextual features, useful for in-app web browsing. Built to be subclassed and extended.

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TOBrowserActivityKit screenshot


A set of UIActivity subclasses for opening NSURL objects in Chrome or Safari.

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ARChromeActivity screenshot


A UIActivity subclass that opens URLs in Google Chrome

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APAutocompleteTextField screenshot


Autocomplete text field. It works like Safari (iOS) or Chrome (iOS) search / address bar.

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QMBTabs screenshot


Tab View Controller just like Safari or mobile Chrome

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APExtendedPageController screenshot


A view controller scrolling experience inspired by Google Chrome.

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UIActivityCollection screenshot


A collection of UIActivity providers.

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Chrome Progress Bar screenshot

Chrome Progress Bar

A custom progress bar with Google Chrome style

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DHHighlightedWebView screenshot


Drop-in WebView subclass that adds Safari-style in-page search-result highlighting.

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Chromium Tabs screenshot

Chromium Tabs

Chromium Tabs is a Cocoa framework for building applications that works like Chromium's window system. An application has multiple windows. Each window represents a unit of tabs. Each tab represent...

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