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SwiftSuccessCheck screenshot


Animated success tick with completion block developed in swift 3

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JNAPushPopCompletionBlock screenshot


Completion block for UINavigationController "push" and "pop" view controllers

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SKTaskManager screenshot


Now its easy to manage asynchronous task whether its is sequential or parallel. Create SKTask as many as your async task you have (i.e. if you want to download 5 images asynchronously, then create...

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FSNetworkingSearchController screenshot


Search controller with suggest completion using Foursquare API following Instagram design.

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MJAutoComplete screenshot


A simple drop-in for using an autocomplete component on iOS. It comes with a simple demo app that should help you get started in a jiffy!

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UINavigationControllerWithCompletionBlock screenshot


The UINavigationController missing api!

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UIImageView-AnimationCompletionBlock screenshot


A category that adds a completion block to UIImageView letting you know when the UIImageView's animation is complete.

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IGAutoCompletionToolbar screenshot


IGAutoCompletionToolbar is a UICollectionView subclass created to display auto completion via a keyboard accessory view.

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MLPAutoCompleteTextField screenshot


MLPAutoCompleteTextField is a subclass of UITextField that behaves like a typical UITextField with one notable exception: it manages a drop down table of autocomplete suggestions that update as the...

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IMOAutocompletionViewController screenshot


Very fast autocompletion UITableView based controller - Fire it, set the data source and delegate and you're good to go.

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AutocompletionTableView screenshot


UITableView offering suggestions from a custom dictionary as user types text in UITextField.

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