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AVSQLDebugger screenshot


A Simple Core Data Debugger that will look inside your apps DB

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LayoutInspector screenshot


To start layout debugging you can make screenshot on a real device or press "Inspect" on the bottom of the table in the demo app

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Bagel screenshot


a little native network debugging tool for iOS

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DynamiciOS screenshot


JavaScript-Based VirtualMachine For Change Running State Of Your Application. You can change your application dynamically with no extra effort.

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LLDebugTool - A convenient debugging tool screenshot

LLDebugTool - A convenient debugging tool

LLDebugTool is a debugging tool for developers and testers that can help you analyze and manipulate data in non-xcode situations.

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Wormholy screenshot


iOS network debugging, like a wizard 🧙‍♂️

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XYDebugView screenshot


XYDebugView is debug tool to draw the all view's frame in device screen and show it by 2d/3d style like reveal did.

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PBJDebuggingTools screenshot


Nice collection of some useful debugging tools.

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CocoaDebug screenshot


iOS Debugging Tool

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iOS Database Debug screenshot

iOS Database Debug

make it easy to debug, modify, query, update , delete data in databases within iOS app.

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DebugWindow辅助测试工具 screenshot


A debug tool which can help you look logs and key-values in sandbox while testing on device. 一个在真机上测试时方便查看输出日志的小工具,还可以增删改查当前沙盒中保存的键值对。

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DBDebugToolkit screenshot


Set of easy to use debugging tools for iOS developers & QA engineers. After an easy setup simply shake your device to open a menu inside your application, providing such features as: performance statistics, list of requests send by your application, colorized view borders, slow animations, showing touches, list of available font families, autolayout trace, browsing files user defaults, keychain, core data and cookies, showing console, simulating location and more.

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Sniffer screenshot


Networking activity logger for Swift

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Dotzu screenshot


iOS app debugger while using the app. Crash report, logs, network.

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KeyCommands screenshot


Bind actions to combination of the keys in iOS and tvOS applications running in simulators.

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RWCoreDataViewer screenshot


RWCoreDataViewer is the simplest way to view your app's persisted Core Data objects. RWCoreDataViewer presents a custom data viewer that lets you view all of your tables and their records. Great for debugging.

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HKDebug screenshot


Another custom debug log with colors (based in SwiftyBeaver but for Objective-C) with help of XcodeColors

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SKLogger screenshot


Flexible, pimped out NSLog replacement. Log multiple variables inline with no format specifier. Streamline your debugging experience!

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netfox screenshot


A lightweight, one line setup, iOS network debugging library!

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NetworkEye screenshot



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PIAPIEnvironmentManager screenshot


A simple manager for handling the various API Environments in your project.

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