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Apple-Dev-News screenshot


A beautifully designed app for Apple Developer News ( (RSS Feeds from

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IQScreenRuler screenshot


As an iOS developer, I always feel the lack of simple app to check position of objects/elements in any picture or screenshot. Now it's very easy to find position and size of any UI element, specifi...

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AppIconAutoMaker screenshot


Create icons for apple products(ios, Apple Watch, Mac etc.) automatically.

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FTMoreApps screenshot


FTMoreApps is a library created to present a view controller inside your application to show your developer page of apps. It is very similar to the App Store visual.

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DevFrames screenshot


This is a public repo for my in-device screenshot creation tool. It allows you to take a screenshot of one of the apps you have developed and create a device enclosed representation of it. This ...

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THMoreFromDeveloper screenshot


Control to show other APPs from a Developer

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DAAppsViewController screenshot


DAAppsViewController is a simple way of displaying apps from the App Store in an aesthetically similar manner. The user is able to view each app's App Store page by launching an instance of SKStore...

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