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MediaPickersPresenterFramework screenshot


Handles fetching data from camera, documents, phone library

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BSMultipleDocumentsWindowController screenshot


Window with tabs and multiple NSDocument instances

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iCloudDocumentSync screenshot


Sync and Manage iCloud Documents in your iOS app. Simplifies iCloud Document Syncing. Makes iCloud just work for developers too. iCloud Document Sync makes it easy for developers to integrate the iCloud document storage APIs into iOS applications. This is how iCloud document-storage and management should've been out of the box from Apple. Integrate iCloud into iOS (OS X coming soon) Objective-C document projects with one-line code methods. Sync, upload, manage, and remove documents to and from iCloud with only a few lines of code (compared to the hundreds of lines and hours that it usually takes). Get iCloud up and running in your iOS app in only a few minutes.

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