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ADNavigationBarExtension screenshot


iOS UI library to show and hide an extension to your UINavigationBar

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AAExtensions screenshot


Useful Extensions!

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VersaPlayer screenshot


Versatile AVPlayer implementation for iOS

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GradientButtonExtension screenshot


Easy way to set gradient background to your UIButtons.

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SwiftyMessenger screenshot


Swift toolkit for passing messages between iOS apps and extensions.

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KeyboardKit screenshot


KeyboardKit is a Swift library for creating iOS keyboard extension apps.

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Notification-Center-Widget screenshot


A notification center widget with shared core data. Example project for sharing data between iOS app extension and container app through shared core data.

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PeekAndPopExtension screenshot


This project covers how to use 3D Touch to implement peek and pop using Custom Presentation Controllers. It also shows how to add a Today Extension to the project. All written in Swift4 using MVC p...

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SPNavigationDrawerwithTABbar screenshot


This is a Custom Navigation controller along with tab bar controller and it provides a navigation slider to easy to access other controllers in iOS and it's made in Swift 3.

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Datify screenshot


Easypeasy date functions

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NKVPhonePicker screenshot


An UITextField subclass to simplify country code's picking.

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RichNotifications screenshot


RichNotifications are a Fascinating feature in iOS 10. It has:- Push Rich notification. Use service extension(Notification Service extension) for default view and use Notification Content extens...

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TableManager screenshot


TableManager is an extension of UITableView. Manipulate your table in an easier way. Add sections and rows. Configure headers and footers. Hide and show rows individually. And this library will han...

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KVConstraintKit screenshot


Impressive Auto Layout DSL for iOS, tvOS & OSX. & It is written in pure swift.

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KImageView screenshot


LazyImageView loads images from server URL asynchronously to UIImageView.

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ReverseExtension screenshot


UITableView extension that enabled to insert cell from bottom of tableView. Only to use instead of tableView.delegate!!

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FBXCodeExtension screenshot


an xcode source editor extension supporting several convenient line manipulation commands such as line deletion, line duplication and line insertion

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RMExtensionKit screenshot


RMExtesionKit is simple structure that contains the extension methods that simplifies the use of cocoa classes iOS / OSX.

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Mark screenshot


Mark is a Xcode Extension that generates MARK comments from any class, struct, extension, enum or protocol declaration in the source file. It also lets you select text from which to generate MARK c...

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Import screenshot


Xcode extension for adding imports from anywhere in the code ☝️

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TableViewExtension screenshot


This extension simplify registering any cell, reusing and other verbosity steps.

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KVConstraintExtensionsMaster screenshot


It's simple and powerful API for adding/applying , accessing, & modifying existing constraints on a view by layout attribute.

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Face Aware screenshot

Face Aware

An extension that gives UIImageView the ability to focus on faces within an image.

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PostManager screenshot


iOS Swift + Node.js app to manage and schedule twitter posts (like buffer)

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ModalPresentationQueue screenshot


UIViewController extension which lets you present multiple modal view controllers in a serial presentation queue.

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