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FrostedSidebar screenshot


Hamburger Menu based off of RNFrostedSidebar (, written in Swift, and uses the new iOS 8 UIVisualEffectView for the UIBlurEffect.

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UIView-Blur screenshot


Add a dynamic blur effect to any UIView in two lines of code. follow me on twitter : <a href="">@mikeMTOL</a> blog: <a href="">MTOL</a>

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ANBlurredTableView screenshot


Animated blur and tint background on UITableView scroll. - Customizable tint. - Animate between two different alphas for a darken or lighten effect. - Works in the background and animates in when ready.

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ANBlurredImageView screenshot


Animated blur-in and blur-out on UIImageView.

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AMDraggableBlurView screenshot


Draggable blurred view. This control is inspired by the brilliant work of César Pinto Castillo's AMBlurView

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REFrostedViewController screenshot


iOS 7 style blurred view controller that appears on top of your view controller.

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RNFrostedMenu screenshot


Add your own Control Center-esque UI to your app to work as navigation or even toggle different settings. Blend right into the new iOS 7 design with animated blurs, flat design, and custom animations.

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CFIFrostedOverlayView screenshot


A view that renders its superview with a gaussian blur like iOS 7's Control Center.

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