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Queuer screenshot


Queuer is a queue manager, built on top of OperationQueue and Dispatch (aka GCD). Currently, with Queuer you can: • Create and use ConcurrentOperation for asynchronous operations • Create and use Queuer to handle a shared queue • Create and use custom queue • Create and use RequestOperation for network request operations • Create and use Semaphore for a Dispath semaphore • Create and use SynchronousOperation for synchronous operations

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Do.this screenshot


Do.this is a Swift 3 quick async helper inspired by node.js Async.

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Dispatch screenshot


Just a tiny library to make using GCD easier and intuitive

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SKAsyncGLViewController screenshot


SKAsyncGLViewController. Ready to use GCD-based OpenGL stack for iOs.

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Chronos screenshot


Chronos is intended to be a collection of useful Grand Central Dispatch utilities. Currently Chronos only includes a timer utility, but the whole library is under active development. If you have any specific requests or ideas for new utilities, don't hesitate to create a new issue. Chronos is part of a larger library for iOS and OS X called Olympus, which is currently under active development.

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DCDirectoryWatcher screenshot


A lightweight class for monitoring directory changes on iOS using Swift

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TaskQueue (Swift) screenshot

TaskQueue (Swift)

A great Swift class for managing asynchronous tasks that need to execute one after another. You just add tasks (as closures) to the queue and the queue takes care to execute them in the proper order. As a bonus TaskQueue just makes using Grand Central Dispatch in Swift very very easy. This is very useful for the cases you need to make a call to your API to fetch some data and then use the data to make another network call to perform a different operation. With TaskQueue this is very easy because you just schedule the network calls and the second one executes only when the first one has completed - and it's also very easy to pass data from the first to the second one. The GitHub repo contains detailed code example, so just head there and read trough the example.

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ARWebServerActivity screenshot


A UIActivity subclass that share files via GCDWebServer with Twitter Bootstrap UI.

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MNMRemoteImageView screenshot


`MNMRemoteImageView` is a simple drop-in replacement for `UIImageView` that asynchronously shows an image downloaded from an URL. You can use the control as a regular `UIImageView`.

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GCDiscreetNotificationView screenshot


GCDiscreetNotificationView is a discreet, non-modal, notification view for iOS. You can use it to show an activity or state of you app without blocking the user interactions.

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