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FluidHighlighter screenshot


FluidHighlighter easily implements the Fluid Interface based highlighting effect on UIView and UIControl

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MYPassthrough screenshot


Framework that helps you to guide the user through your application, step by step.

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Kamishibai screenshot


Kamishibai makes easy to create long tutorial.

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Notepad screenshot


A fully themeable markdown editor with live syntax highlighting.

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HighlightTextView screenshot


The HighlightTextView highlights, If more than the set limit.

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CTShowcase screenshot


CTShowcase is a showcase library for iOS that lets you to highlight individual views in your app using static or dynamic effects.

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UIView+TouchHighlighting screenshot


A UIView category that provides a generic touch highlighting solution similar to UIButton.

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Marklight screenshot


Markdown syntax highlighter for iOS

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JMHoledView screenshot


A view design to be filled with holes ...

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DrawCircleFrame screenshot


Small framework which animates a line drawn around your custom text. My intention was to focus user attention on a button.

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RFMarkdownTextView screenshot


This is a UITextView that is supposed to replicate the comment toolbar in iOctocat ( with auto-insert markdown functionality.

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ICTextView screenshot


ICTextView is a UITextView subclass with optimized support for string/regex search and highlighting. It also features some iOS 7 specific improvements and bugfixes to the standard UITextView.

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iTunes-Table-Header screenshot


A collection of subclasses and classes to make any table view look like that in the iTunes program. Includes custom row alternating colors and highlight colors.

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SAHighlightedTextField screenshot


A flexible iOS component that subclasses UITextField and switches the background while the text field is being edited.

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TLTiltHighlightView screenshot


A horizontal gradient which adjusts its appearance based on the positional attitude of an iOS device.

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AMAttributedHighlightLabel screenshot


A UILabel subclass with mention/hashtag/link highlighting.

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ACEView screenshot


The ACEView framework aims to allow you to use the ACE source code editor in your Cocoa applications, as if it were a native control.

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SLGlowingTextField screenshot


This is a very simple subclass of UITextField that is designed to look like a Bootstrap input field. Add the text field, set the borderStyle to UITextBorderStyleNone, change the class to SLGlowingT...

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DHHighlightedWebView screenshot


Drop-in WebView subclass that adds Safari-style in-page search-result highlighting.

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MOOMaskedIconView screenshot


Draw scalable icons of different styles with a single PDF or image. If you're sick of maintaining tons of image files for @2x displays, different colors, or highlighted/unhighlighted states, this i...

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UKSyntaxColoredTextDocument screenshot


An NSViewController (and optional document class) that implements syntax coloring and code editing-related features in an NSTextView.

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