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RRSocialLogin screenshot


Social (FB and Google) login by RxSwift

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Native Login Forms screenshot

Native Login Forms

Authorization form in native iOS style

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InstagramLogin screenshot


A simple way to authenticate Instagram accounts on iOS. It handles all the Instagram authentication process by showing a custom UIViewController with the login page and returning an access token that can be used to request data from Instagram.

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PartiallyEditField screenshot


A text field subclass with a constant text in the end or begin. You can constant text to the end of the text field value or begin of the text field value.

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TransitionButton screenshot


UIButton sublass for loading and transition animation.

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LoginIntegrations screenshot


Login Integrations through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, GooglePlus, LInkedIn and WhatsApp and Sharing Images through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp.

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APLoadingButton  screenshot


Loading Button animation in Objective-C. success and failure animationt are in UIButton. For more detail

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LoginKit screenshot


LoginKit is a quick and easy way to add a Login/Signup UX to your iOS app.

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GoogleLoginManager screenshot


Login Manager for Google (Google Plus Deprecated). Written in Swift 3.0 and Objective C.

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Social Media Logins screenshot

Social Media Logins

Social Media contain various third party login & LogOut functionality 1. Gmail 2. Facebook 3. Twitter 4. Linkedin UI is simple and easy to use

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Login Screen in Swift 4 screenshot

Login Screen in Swift 4

<a href=">iOS Login Screen written in Swift 4</a> - Login with Email & Password, Facebook, and Twitter.

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SwiftUserManager screenshot


A usermanager written in swift 3.0 saves you from hassle of saving your active user session. ** Call api and give the json to MOProfile to make a model and call UserManager.setCurrentUser(model) let profileFromServer = [ "firstName" : "Zeeshan", "userName" : "xeieshan", "lastName" : "Haider", "id" : 1, "email" : "[email protected]" ] as [String : Any] let profileModel : MOProfile = MOProfile(profileFromServer as Dictionary<String, AnyObject>) UserManager.setCurrentUser(newCurrentUser: profileModel) **Now you can use this** debugPrint((UserManager.currentUser?.firstName)! as String) **To logout simply call** UserManager.logOutUserAndClearToken() **If you want to see if your user is logged (for autologin)** if UserManager.currentUser != nil { // Take to App } else { // Take to Login }

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HAPlayerView screenshot


HAPlayerView is a simple class to manage typical splash or login view, with a background video managed for interfce builder.

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LoginForm screenshot


Login Form UI for iPhone application in portrait mode

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PureForm screenshot


PureForm — the easiest way to build form such as login, questionnaire and etc. screens from JSON file. PureForm provides parsing properties and special params into objects for further manipulation of them.

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AMLoginSignup screenshot


Login/Signup ViewController for iOS

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ScreenToLayers screenshot


macOS app to capture your screen as a layered PSD file

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ALLoadingView screenshot


Model for operating pop-up views to notify users that some work is in progress

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Swift-Intro screenshot


Swift Intro with auto layout and basic transition

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LoginScreen screenshot


The project contain an login screen which was developed as test project, and then little bit modified and improved. The Login screen contain few UITextField for input login and password, three button for sign in via facebook/twitter/google plus (further in the text as the 'social btns'). If user tapped any text field, social btns will be hidden. Instead social btns will be showed button 'SIGN IN', for apply inputted data. All changes are animated. If tapped any social btns - will be hidden text fields, and instead showed brief info about selected account (avatar and user name). All changes are also animated. In this project represented only animation, little bit customizing UITextField appearance, and handling user interactions.

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VideoSplash screenshot


<h3>Video based UIViewController</h3> </br> <h4><b>Supported Properties</b></h4> <ul> <li>videoFrame</li> <li>fillMode</li> <li>alwaysRepeat</li> <li>startTime</li> <li>duration</li> <li>alpha</li> <li>backgroundColor</li> </ul> </br>

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