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LayoutLoopHunter screenshot


January 12, 2019 • MIT License
The library helps to catch the OOMs caused by Autolayout Feedback Loop by replicating the behavior of UIViewLayoutFeedbackLoopDebuggingThreshold in the live code.
LoopedContentsView screenshot


August 24, 2016 • MIT License
LoopedContentsView display and handle looped contents.
HFSwipeView - Infinite Scrolling ScrollView screenshot

HFSwipeView - Infinite Scrolling ScrollView

July 25, 2016 • MIT License
Infinite Swipe View for iOS written in Swift Of course this is a view-based control, you can add it at any type of UIView, even on a cell of UITableView and UICollectionView. - supports infin...
UIImageViewSoftFrameAnimations screenshot


May 22, 2015 • MIT License
UIImageViewSoftFrameAnimations is a powerfull framework to run frame animations without having to load all images in memory at the beginning of the animation. You just have to provide the name o...
AppCorner-Social screenshot


January 27, 2015 • MIT License
Social networking app for iPhone, based on Anypic code by Parse works (without ParsePlatform) on top of Deployd or LoopBack. Share your favorites apps with your friends or others developers. The ea...
JSVideo screenshot


May 25, 2014 • MIT License
JSVideo helps you adding a custom background video in your view controllers
KDCycleBannerView screenshot


April 26, 2014 • MIT License
A cycling or looping scroll view for banners and galleries.
MLPAccessoryBadge screenshot


June 14, 2013 • MIT License
MLPAccessoryBadge is a delightfully customizable UIView subclass that renders text inside a badge, created mainly for use in a UITableViewCell as its accessoryView property. Use it to hint at quant...
MLPSpotlight screenshot


February 15, 2013 • MIT License
MLPSpotlight is a UIView subclass created to display a spotlight effect over a specific point on the screen in a convenient manner.
MLPAutoCompleteTextField screenshot


February 15, 2013 • MIT License
MLPAutoCompleteTextField is a subclass of UITextField that behaves like a typical UITextField with one notable exception: it manages a drop down table of autocomplete suggestions that update as the...