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DictionaryUtils screenshot


iOS Dictionary Utilities for Swift - allowing you to pull properties from a dictionary using a string eg. data.readString("field[0].name")

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PGVerticalOpenTransition-Swift screenshot


Under Dragging - ViewControler to ViewControler Vertical Open Transition.

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MagicMapper screenshot


Super light and easy automatic JSON to model mapper.

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NRMirror screenshot


NRMirror helps you to sync your models with web service response or any input dictionary and. So its work like a object mapper for your project. So dont worry about manually mapping your model object with your json/dictionary , you have to just declare your model and name your key same as your dictionary/Json key and you are done. NRMirror supporting of all types Int, String ,Float , Bool etc.. and NRMirror subclass models. For more detail :

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Salada screenshot


Salad is a Model for Firebase database. It can handle Snapshot of Firebase easily.

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Localide screenshot


Localide is an easy helper to offer users a personalized experience by using their favorite installed apps for directions.

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Alembic screenshot


Functional JSON parsing, mapping to objects, and serialize to JSON

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Tailor screenshot


A super fast & convenient object mapper tailored for your needs

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SwiftyJSONAccelerator screenshot


JSON to Swift Model Generator (Supports SwiftyJSON and ObjectMapper)

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OCMapper screenshot


Automatic dictionary to model conversion using kvc and runtime API. Supports core data. Mapping can be fully configured. Checkout Github for an Alamofire Extension NOTE: The cocoapod version listed here is very old. Refer to cocoapods website to get the latest

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ObjectMapper (Swift) screenshot

ObjectMapper (Swift)

ObjectMapper is a framework written in Swift that makes it easy for you to convert your Model objects to and from JSON.

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RMMapper screenshot


- Converts JSON into objects with predefined class - Save object to NSUserDefaults fast and convenient - Make a class to conform to NSCopying easier

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