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Perspective screenshot


Powerful scrolling and motion parallax for iOS

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Shiny screenshot


Holographic Effect (inspired by Apple Pay)

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Motion Utility screenshot

Motion Utility

A small tool for visualizing sensor data.

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WatchShaker screenshot


Simple motion detector for ⌚️ (watchOS) shake gesture.

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Reactions screenshot


Fully customizable Facebook reactions control

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A-Parallax screenshot


Provides controls and background parallax effect.

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Knock Detector  screenshot

Knock Detector

A simple detector for physical knocks, tuned for the Z-axis of iPhone 5s and 6 devices

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YXTMotionView screenshot


A custom image view that implements device motion scrolling

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TAPromotee screenshot


TAPromotee is a pod that allows you to show a cross promotion to a iOS app just by supplying its App Store id. It automatically fetches the info about the app using the iTunes API: App Name App Icon Screenshot When the user taps the install button, the SKStoreProductViewController is presented.

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Circles screenshot


Add a subtle yet beautiful dynamic background to any view controller. Use it to bring life and color to plain and boring view controllers.

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iPerspective screenshot


iPerspective is a iOS librarie of control with augmented reality.

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AdaptiveController screenshot


AdaptiveController is a 'Progressive Reduction' Swift module for adding custom states to Native or Custom UI elements.

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iOS 8 Sampler screenshot

iOS 8 Sampler

Code examples for the new functions of iOS 8. Contents: - Audio Effects - New Image Filters - Custom Filters - Metal Basic - Metal Uniform Streaming - SceneKit - HealthKit - TouchID - Visual Effects - Ruby Annotation - WebKit - UIAlertController - User Notification - Altimeter - Pedometer - AVKit - Histogram - Code Generator - New Fonts - Popover - Accordion Fold Transition

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MotionBlur screenshot


MotionBlur allows you to add motion blur effect to animations of `position`.

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MSMotionScroller screenshot


A simple class that enables anything that can be scrolled to be scrolled by bumping the device in a certain direction.

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BRSunTracker screenshot


Augmented Reality classes that track and display the sun position on the screen

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SOMotionDetector screenshot


Simple library to detect motion type (walking, running, automotive)

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VENPromotionsManager screenshot


iOS Library to perform location & time-based promotions.

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TLMotionEffect screenshot


This category adds a motion effect to your UIView. This is a similar effect can be seen in the background of the Home Screen on iOS 7.

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CRMotionView screenshot


A custom photo viewer that implements device motion scrolling, inspired by Facebook Paper.

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SlowMotionVideoRecorder screenshot


**120 fps SLO-MO video recorder** using AVFoundation. - Including convenient wrapper class. - Available on the iPhone5s. Example for the slow motion video:

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