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DTOnboarding screenshot


A macOS onboarding component

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TabBarPageController screenshot


A container view controller for iOS that manages navigation between pages of content using a tab bar.

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PageControl screenshot


A simple way to navigate between pages by using gestures

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SwiftyPageController screenshot


SwiftyPageController will be helpful to use in many pages controller

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MIPivotPageController screenshot


MIPivotPageController allows switching viewcontroller with an horizontal swipe

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SCSafariPageController screenshot


A page view controller component that reproduces Mobile Safari's tab switching behavior

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MBXPageViewController screenshot


A library that allows to have a UIPageController with control buttons (One per VC / Left-Right Buttons) or an UISegmentController. This is not a difficult task, but the intention of this library is...

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SHViewPager screenshot


A simple view pager for iOS, which acts similar to android's viewPager. Compatible with iOS 8.0 or later. Supports iPhones and iPads in all interface orientation. ## Advantages * [x] Support...

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APExtendedPageController screenshot


A view controller scrolling experience inspired by Google Chrome.

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JCMSegmentedPageController screenshot


Custom container view controller for iOS5 that functions similarly to a UITabBarController, but the way to switch tabs is through a UISegmentedControl on top. Demo included.

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