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SVGView screenshot


January 20, 2022 • MIT License
SVG parser and renderer written in SwiftUI
MetaRod screenshot


January 25, 2020 • MIT License
MetaRod is a lightweight url meta data parser library.
MHMimeType screenshot


April 12, 2019 • MIT License
`Objective-c` get MIME type based on magic bytes.
MarkdownKit screenshot


January 21, 2019 • MIT License
A simple and customizable Markdown Parser for Swift
DynamicJSON screenshot


January 06, 2019 • MIT License
Access JSON properties dynamically like JavaScript using Swift 4.2's new @dynamicMemberLookup feature, letting you access JSON like this: `let username = JSON(data).user?.username?.string`
FAParser screenshot


April 02, 2017 • MIT License
JSON Parsing + Archiving & Unarchiving in User Defaults
ReadabilityKit screenshot


August 15, 2016 • Apache 2.0 License
Metadata extractor for news, articles and full-texts in Swift
Alembic screenshot


June 25, 2016 • MIT License
Functional JSON parsing, mapping to objects, and serialize to JSON
TIFeedParser / RSS/Atom Parser screenshot

TIFeedParser / RSS/Atom Parser

June 24, 2016 • MIT License
TIFeedParser is RSS Parser written in Swift, built on Alamofire and RSS parser written in Swift
Marklight screenshot


May 14, 2016 • Unspecified License
Markdown syntax highlighter for iOS
URLPreview screenshot


May 02, 2016 • MIT License
An NSURL extension for showing preview info of webpages
TLDR screenshot


March 28, 2016 • Apache 2.0 License
Too Long; Didn't read. TLDR man page in Swift. This is the open source code for the app available in app store at
FolioReaderKit screenshot


March 02, 2016 • Unspecified License
A Swift ePub reader and parser framework for iOS.
XMLParser+Dictionary screenshot


September 02, 2015 • Apache 2.0 License
A lightweight XMLParser for assembling and parsing XML values written for iOS 8+ in Swift 2.
KMXmlParser screenshot


September 01, 2015 • MIT License
XML parser for iOS and Mac OS. Converts an XML data to NSDictionary or NSArray. Can parse SOAP responses. Possibility to turn on/off an attributes parsing. Supports XPath expressions.
youtube-parser screenshot


July 16, 2015 • MIT License
YouTube link parser for swift
GONMarkupParser screenshot


January 05, 2015 • MIT License
Easily build NSAttributedString from XML/HTML like strings for iOS.
CBPWordPress screenshot


October 03, 2014 • MIT License
CBPWordPress is an iOS library that will allow you to easily include content from a WordPress blog in your app. The library can fetch lists of posts, individual posts and comments as well as submit...
VMXMLParser (Swift) screenshot

VMXMLParser (Swift)

September 25, 2014 • MIT License
VMXMLParser is a NSXMLParser wrapper in Swift Features: 1) Closure based 2) Response as array of dictionaries 3) Unicode support 4) Just two lines and you are done :) SAMPLE...
WKT Parser  screenshot

WKT Parser

September 19, 2014 • MIT License
WKTParser Library have any conversions, parsers and formats. This library allow you parser three main types of WKT data: points, lines and polygons (single, multi, 2D and 3D). Also you can convert ...