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React native photo browser screenshot

React native photo browser

A full screen photo browser with captions, selections and grid view support for react-native. Layout and API design are inspired by great MWPhotoBrowser library.

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RMGallery screenshot


A modular and lightweight gallery for iOS. RMGallery is a Photos-like gallery with no dependencies. It supports asynchronous image loading, view controller transitions, gestures and zooming. RMGallery handles the boilerplate of a gallery UI so you can focus in theming and implementing your custom layout. RMGallery can be used at cell, view or view controller level, each one with its own corresponding class. Features: * Displays a slideshow of images like the Photos app. * Supports landscape and portrait orientations and handles rotations. * Manages optional gestures to zoom, browse, toggle bars and dismiss. * Encourages asynchronous image loading. * Provides view controller transitions. * Modular and extensible design.

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DKImageBrowser screenshot


iOS Image Browser with a Thumbnail Strip

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AssetLibraryMultiselect screenshot


A media browser for ALAssetLibrary (iOS's photo library). Built on top of UICollectionView and nimbus's PagingScrollView, photo, and cache classes. Supports selecting multiple items, provisioning for long pressing items, and video playback.

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IDMPhotoBrowser screenshot


IDMPhotoBrowser is a fork of MWPhotoBrowser that adds features inspired by Facebook and Tweetbot, plus ARC support.

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