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HHCustomCorner screenshot


November 19, 2020 • MIT License
A simple and easy to use library to customize each corner of UIView and UIButton. You also can implement outline (stroke) with different color and width.
DistancePicker screenshot


August 09, 2016 • MIT License
DistancePicker is a custom UIKit control to select a distance with a pan gesture. It looks like a ruler with multiple distance marks and can be used to resize a map, set up a geofence or choose a s...
UIImage+Additions screenshot


February 19, 2015 • MIT License
This category of UIImage add methods to generate dynamically images from colors, adding corner radius (for each corner), tinting images, etc. Use this category if you want to add "colored style" to...
CCMBorderView screenshot


December 23, 2014 • Apache 2.0 License
CCMBorderView is an easy to use view to create border right from storyboard without any code
NZCircularImageView screenshot


December 27, 2013 • MIT License
Performs async download image and leaves with rounded edge, used for presenting pictures of user profiles.
LBorderView screenshot


March 04, 2013 • Unspecified License
iOS UIView with dashed or solid line border. Including both round corner and straight line views. More info at: