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RRRangeSliderSwiftUI screenshot


February 07, 2021 • MIT License
Custom range slider in SwiftUI
HHStaticThumbSliderView screenshot


November 14, 2020 • MIT License
Easy to use static Thumb Slider with multiple thumbs.
RangeControl screenshot


April 03, 2019 • MIT License
RangeControl is a UIControl element that allows selecting values in the range from min to max values. Could be used for video or audio tracks trimming.
MultiSlider screenshot


February 10, 2019 • MIT License
UISlider clone with multiple thumbs and values, range highlight, optional snap intervals, optional value labels, either vertical or horizontal.
WCSDateRange screenshot


October 14, 2018 • Apache 2.0 License
Simple date range class.
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August 04, 2018 • MIT License
Easy to use double side center slider, that can show value in (A,B) Range.
JDVideoKit screenshot


October 02, 2017 • Apache 2.0 License
Transfer your video from library into Three common video type(Boomerange, Speed Up, Reverse). JDVideoKit support the layout you need, camera layout & editing Layout.
RangeSeekSlider screenshot


March 12, 2017 • MIT License
RangeSeedSlider provides a customizable range slider like a UISlider.
Range Slider Video Trim screenshot

Range Slider Video Trim

March 02, 2017 • Apache 2.0 License
Video trim with two-sided Range Slider.
NHRangeSlider screenshot


January 02, 2017 • MIT License
A custom range slider in Swift with configurable thumbs (circle/square) , label styles
RangeSlider screenshot


November 15, 2016 • MIT License
Simple, clean, and customizable range-based slider control for macOS
SHBinarySearchForRange screenshot


August 30, 2016 • MIT License
A simple library to perform binary search to find the nearest double/float value from a double/float array for a given double/float. ## Overview This cocoapod helps to find the nearest ceilin...
G8SliderStep screenshot


August 27, 2016 • MIT License
Custom Range UISlider for iOS, in Swift - Draggable, Tappable, Inspectable.
MultiStepSlider screenshot


July 16, 2016 • MIT License
A custom UIControl which functions like UISlider where you can set multiple intervals with different step values for each interval. This is useful when an interval spans over large values, for exam...
Arranged screenshot


June 23, 2016 • MIT License
Open source replacement of UIStackView for iOS 8 (100% layouts supported) - Supports all alignments and distributions, spacing, baselineRelativeArrangement, layoutMarginsRelativeArrangement, axi...
KDRearrangeableCollectionViewFlowLayout screenshot


May 06, 2016 • MIT License
This is a simple implementation of a drag and rearrange UICollectionView through its layout, written in Swift 2.0. It works for UICollectionViews with multiple sections.
BIZCircularProgressView screenshot


May 01, 2016 • MIT License
BIZCircularProgressView is a subclass of UIView that adds round progress view with timer.
BIZSliderView screenshot


April 30, 2016 • MIT License
BIZSliderView is a custom slider with flexible adjusting.
VPRangeSlider screenshot


April 18, 2016 • MIT License
2 Way Range Slider for iOS
KDDragAndDropCollectionView screenshot


January 22, 2016 • MIT License
Perform drag and drop of data across multiple collection views together with paging and rearranging. Written in Swift 2.0.