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CardScanner screenshot


A credit card scanner

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RoundCode screenshot


Custom rounded QR code encoder and decoder

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SwiftyMercuryReady screenshot


Add a "reader" functionality to a WKWebView

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VNImageScanner screenshot


VNImageScanner Welcome to the spiritual successor of IPDFCameraViewController and MAImagePickerController, that tries to unite a usable & simple camera component class into a single UIView. Init...

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QRCodeReader screenshot


QRCodeReader framework help to Decode QRcode. QRCodeReader Framework for iOS developer, Very eazy implementation with delegate. Supported BarCodeType • PDF417 • QRCode • UPCECode • 39Cod...

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BarcodeScanner screenshot


A simple and beautiful barcode scanner.

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UXMPDFKit screenshot


A PDF viewer and annotator that can be embedded in iOS applications

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TIFeedParser / RSS/Atom Parser screenshot

TIFeedParser / RSS/Atom Parser

TIFeedParser is RSS Parser written in Swift, built on Alamofire and RSS parser written in Swift

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FolioReaderKit screenshot


A Swift ePub reader and parser framework for iOS.

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PodsLicenseReader screenshot


Easily read licenses for your Cocoa Pods.

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QRCodeReaderViewController screenshot


Simple QRCode reader for iOS 7 and over in Objective-C

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QRCodeReader.swift screenshot


Simple QRCode reader in Swift

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SDFeedParser screenshot


Objective-C parser for the JSON API plugin for Wordpress.

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XML-Reader screenshot


XML Reader for OS X that allows you to preview a XML url as well as convert it to JSON format.

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RMScannerView screenshot


Simple barcode scanner UIView subclass for iOS apps. Quickly and efficiently scans a large variety of barcodes using the iOS device's built in camera. RMScannerView is a UIView subclass for scan...

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RoboReader screenshot


With a couple of lines of code you can create a PDF view controller. This framework is very fast and easy to use.

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BCFeedScroller screenshot


Two classes for showing an animated feed from an RSS or Atom data source.

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PDF Viewer App screenshot

PDF Viewer App

Basic PDF VIewer App based on the open source PDF Reader Core project code.

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AFFeedsReader screenshot


AFFeedsReader is a complete feeds reader, and very easy to use. Just put your RSS address. It includes pull to refresh, activity indicator loader, asynchronous image downloader...

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MWFeedParser screenshot


MWFeedParser is a simple and easy to use Objective-C framework for downloading and parsing RSS and Atom web feeds.

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PDF Reader Core screenshot

PDF Reader Core

Open source PDF reader code for fellow iOS developers struggling with wrangling PDF files onto iOS device screens. The code is universal and does not require any XIBs (as all UI elements are cod...

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PageCurl screenshot


This application makes use of the manipulation of multiple CALayers attached to a single UIView to "fake" a page curl/page flip effect for the iPad. It's the next best thing to iBooks until Apple r...

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Leaves screenshot


An iBooks-like page-turning interface for iPhone and iPad apps using only public APIs.

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