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RAReorderableLayout screenshot


January 08, 2015 • MIT License
A UICollectionView layout which you can move items with drag and drop.
ReorderableGridView (Swift) screenshot

ReorderableGridView (Swift)

December 27, 2014 • MIT License
Reorderable grid view solution implemented with Swift. It's a UIScrollView subclass, not a collection view layout.
RACollectionViewReorderableTripletLayout screenshot


June 15, 2014 • MIT License
The custom collectionView layout that can perform reordering of cells by dragging it. __pod 'RACollectionViewReorderableTripletLayout'__
LXReorderableCollectionViewFlowLayout screenshot


October 03, 2012 • MIT License
Extends UICollectionViewFlowLayout to support reordering of cells. Similar to long press and pan on books in iBook. The goal of LXReorderableCollectionViewFlowLayout is to provides capability fo...