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CollectionViewPagingLayout screenshot


Simple layout for make paging with UICollectionView.

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SSCalendarControl screenshot


SSCalendarControl is Small and beautiful calendar control written in swift 4.2.

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FSCalendar+Persian screenshot


Persian version of the FSCalendar. A fully customizable iOS calendar library, compatible with Objective-C and Swift

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Resizing Image in Navigation Bar screenshot

Resizing Image in Navigation Bar

Implementation of a resizable image in right top corner of Navigation Bar with Large Title (iOS11). Try it at appetize: Tutorial:

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WSCalendar screenshot


Calender for use Event and Date picker with good appearance and easy to use.

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KSPhotoBrowser screenshot


A beautiful photo browser with interactive dismissal animation.一个小而美的图片浏览器。

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Semi Circular Scale screenshot

Semi Circular Scale

A simple component to show circular scale, gauge etc

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IQScreenRuler screenshot


As an iOS developer, I always feel the lack of simple app to check position of objects/elements in any picture or screenshot. Now it's very easy to find position and size of any UI element, specifically x/y position and width/height/size. This app is live here and is specially designed for making Mobile Quality Assurance Engineer (QA Engg.) life much easier. Now they can quickly review Mobile UI with point & pixel perfect dimensions within minutes. HOW IT WORKS: Step1: Take Screenshot of the app to debug it. This will automatically be saved to your Camera Roll -> Screenshots album. Step2: Open Screen Ruler app and you can see your recent screenshot, enable ruler and straight line frame. Step3: Check your screenshot dimensions and UI element positions by zooming in/out and using rulers and line frame. Other fantastic features of Screen Ruler app: - 4 Sided dynamic ruler. You can also adjust ruler position using your finger. Long tap for more options. - Free hand ruler scale. It can also rotate to check angles. - Straighten line frame. - Long tap & move on screenshot to show RGB color values of any position. - Multi-feature crop too. - Change Aspect Ratio. - Screenshot Resizing. - Change Device Scale Factor. - Double-Tap, Pan, pinch gestures to zoom and move pictures. Download to see how QA engineers accelerating their business by reducing time to check pixel measurements.

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SSCalendar (Events Calendar) screenshot

SSCalendar (Events Calendar)

SSCalendar is a UI library that can be used to display a calendar of events within your app with three different layouts: an annual, monthly and daily/weekly. This calendar library was originally built in 2013 for a project that required a calendar experience similar to the revamped Apple calendar app in iOS 7. At the time, I found very few calendar libraries and decided to build one. Note that this calendar is not designed as a picker but rather to display an existing set of events.

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UPCarouselFlowLayout screenshot


UPCarouselFlowLayout is a fancy carousel flow layout for UICollectionView. It comes with a paginated effect and it shrinks and makes transparent the side items.

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ASCalendar screenshot


A fully customizable calendar control for iOS written in swift with mvvm pattern

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DriftAnimationImageView screenshot


UIImageView subclass that performs slow translation and scale animations on its image

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ScalePicker screenshot


Generic scale and a handy float-value picker for any iOS app.

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ScaledVisibleCellsCollectionView screenshot


ScaledVisibleCellsCollectionView is check visible cells position. And setting cell's scale and alpha. [Github here](

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PhotoTweaks screenshot


PhotoTweaks is an interface to crop photos. It can let user drag, rotate, scale the image, and crop it. You will find it mimics the interaction in photo library on iOS 7.

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FSCalendar screenshot


A powerful calendar view with subtitle and smooth scrolling supported

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ZLBalancedFlowLayout screenshot


A UICollectionViewFlowLayout subclass that scales items to take up space, optimized for large item set, inspired by NHBalancedFlowLayout.

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BKZoomView screenshot


A UIView that will zoom into its parent view. It can be implemented with only three lines of code and is very easy to use. It is optionally drag-able with a customizable zoom scale.

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XDKAirMenu screenshot


XDKAirMenu provides an iOS menu like the FIFA app playing with scale and alpha. It is compatible for iPhone/iPad, works for portrait and landscape modes and is highly customisable.

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IQGeometry screenshot


IQGeometry is an extension to CGGeometry that provides easy functions for Geometry calculations in iOS.

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InfiniteScrollPicker screenshot


InfiniteScrollPicker is a subclass of UIScrollView and providing infinite scrolling and size scaling for central items (refer to screenshot). This is a control that I wrote for Emodex ( and now I refactorred the code and open-source it to everyone. I am not going to maintain this control anymore. If you find any bug or idea to implement, please help to improve if you loved it. I appreciate for the help.

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