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RESegmentedControl screenshot


Customizable segmented control with style presets...

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MASegmentedControl screenshot


Super customizable Segmented Control for iOS. Following examples can give you idea how it can be customized. All this customization can be written anywhere before rendering of the control. Most des...

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TOSegmentedControl screenshot


A segmented control in the style of iOS 13 compatible with previous versions of iOS.

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Stories screenshot


It is similar like Instagram Stories, to show video or photo directly of the users account. This is the Objective C implementation of

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WMSegmentControl screenshot


Custom segment control for iOS. you can create a custom segment control with image like youtube and facebook style using various options and customize as per your requirement. you can get the selec...

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MultiSelectSegmentedControl screenshot


Multiple-Selection UISegmentedControl

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MXScroll screenshot


MXScroll is a framework that lets you create mix scroll view easier. you can just provide the datasource and do not need to consider the page composition. The datasource can be provided by storyboa...

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DGKSegmentedControl screenshot


A Custom segment control .

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MXSegmentedControl screenshot


Simple Segmented Control

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RubberIndicator screenshot


This is a simple but nice iOS segmentControl.

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PagingKit screenshot


PagingKit provides customisable menu & content UI. PagingKit has more flexible layout and design than the other libraries. You can construct "Menu" and "Content" UI, and they work together. That...

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TCSegmentedView screenshot


Easy to create & custom segmented view

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DGSegmentedControl screenshot


DGSegmentedControl is an alternative to UISegmentControl, simply DGSegmentedControl is a custom Segmented Control that has full customization freedom.

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ScrollableSegmentedControl screenshot


Scrollable Segmented Control for when UISegmentedControl is not sufficient

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DGScrollableSegmentControl screenshot


An elegant scrollable segment control.

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ScrollUISegmentController screenshot


custom scroll view with uisegmentcontroller help developers add Scrollable segment controller simply swift3

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Feelings screenshot


Another rating view to share your feelings. 🎭

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TZSegmentedControl screenshot


A swift replacement of HMSegmentedControl by Hesham Megid. A drop-in replacement for UISegmentedControl mimicking the style of the segmented control used in Google Currents and various other Google...

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MMSegmentControl screenshot


A custom segmented control for iOS applications.

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SegmentedProgressView screenshot


Simple Instagram-like segmented progress view with completion handler and different time interval for each segment

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GLViewPagerController screenshot


an common view pager controller .

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KPSmartTabBar screenshot


A fully customisable and flexible tab bar controller

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SegmentedProgressBar screenshot


Snapchat / Instagram Stories like progress indicator

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AASegmentedControl screenshot


AASegmentedControl is lightweight and easy-to-use customised segmented controls, written in Swift.

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FR76SegmentedControl screenshot


iOS SegmentedControl Subclass

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