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AxisRatingBar for SwiftUI screenshot

AxisRatingBar for SwiftUI

February 24, 2022 • MIT License
This library is a UI control for iOS and macOS developed with SwiftUI. You can display ratings along the horizontal/vertical axis and receive ratings from users. You can use any view that conforms ...
StarRating screenshot


June 15, 2021 • MIT License
A StarRating element written for SwiftUI
StarRatingView screenshot


July 03, 2020 • MIT License
StarRatingView is a simple Star Rating View for displaying star ratings and entering them (by touching the stars). It's written for iOS, in Swift 5.1 (UIKit, not SwiftUI). It also works with Interf...
HCSStarRatingView screenshot


March 06, 2015 • MIT License
Simple star rating view for iOS written in Objective-C HCSStarRatingView is a UIControl subclass to easily provide users with a basic star-rating interface. It supports all device resolutions...
DXStarRatingView screenshot


May 17, 2014 • MIT License
Simple and easy to use StarRatingView for iOS
TQStarRatingView screenshot


September 25, 2013 • Unspecified License
IOS star rating view control, click and sliding ratings.
TDRatingScale screenshot


March 08, 2013 • Public Domain License
The TDRatingScale is similar to regular UISlider except that it has some best custom graphics which is more intuitive.The purpose of this custom slider is to provide mechanism for getting input fro...
EDStarRating (iOS & OS X) screenshot

EDStarRating (iOS & OS X)

March 04, 2012 • BSD License
A configurable star rating control for iOS and OSX, similar to those found in iTunes and the App Store.
DLStarRating screenshot


February 28, 2011 • Unspecified License
A UIControl subclass that behaves similarly as the App Store rating control.