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Unrealm screenshot


Unrealm is an extension on RealmCocoa, which enables Swift native types to be saved in Realm.

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VerticalTree screenshot


🥶Provides a vertical drawing of the tree structure and view information about the tree‘s nodes

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Structify screenshot


Convert Swift structs to Objc Classes on the fly!

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RandMyMod screenshot


RandMyMod base on your own struct or class create one or a set of instance, which the variable's value in the instance is automatic randomized.

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AMTooltip screenshot


Simple and easy library to show tooltip in iOS

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Depot screenshot


Struct persistance framework for Swift

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Monaka screenshot


Convert custom struct to NSData.

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JGUserDefault screenshot


An elegant single generic struct to access & save NSUserDefaults the Swift way.

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Instructions screenshot


Easily add customizable coach marks into you iOS project.

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SwiftPriorityQueue screenshot


SwiftPriorityQueue is a pure Swift (no Cocoa) implementation of a generic priority queue data structure, appropriate for use on both iOS and OS X projects. It features a straightforward interface and can be used with any type that implements Comparable. It utilizes comparisons between elements rather than separate numeric priorities to determine order. Internally, SwiftPriorityQueue uses a classic binary heap, resulting in O(lg n) pushes and pops. It includes in-source documentation, an A* based example maze solving program, and unit tests are in progress (pull requests are welcome for unit tests especially). Features * Easy-to-use method interface * Small, self contained, pure Swift code base * Classic binary heap implementation with O(lg n) pushes and pops * Iterable through standard Swift loops (implements SequenceType and GeneratorType) * In-source documentation * A fun maze solving A* based example program

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SwiftGraph screenshot


SwiftGraph is a pure Swift (no Cocoa) implementation of a graph data structure, appropriate for use on both iOS and OS X projects. It includes support for weighted, unweighted, directed, and undirected graphs. It uses generics to abstract away both the type of the vertices, and the type of the weights. It includes copious in-source documentation, some unit tests, as well as utility functions for doing things like breadth-first search, depth-first search, and djikstra's algorithm.

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KOTree screenshot


KOTree allows you to show a tree of hierarchical data, e.g. files and folders. It was developed for Kodiak PHP, an app which allows you to write and run PHP code directly on the iPad. The items can be expanded and collapsed by tapping them. An item can be selected by tapping its icon. To see the component in action, take a look at the video at or try our app called Kodiak PHP on the App Store.

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