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Secret Text View screenshot

Secret Text View

Re-creation of the awesome text view from the app Secret ( Video: Features: - Take a photo or choose one from camera roll as background. Pan left/right/up/down to vary the blurriness and brightness of the background. - Scroll horizontally to choose between 8 types of background colors (Emerald Sea, Hopscotch, Lavender, Burst, Cupid, Peony, Midnight, White). - Long Press to choose color from a compressed palette. Swipe vertically to choose between 6 types of textures (Glow, Linen, Lines, Noise, Squares, Squares2) - Text will attempt to align to the center vertically and horiztonally. Repo: Development notes:

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RKRichTextView screenshot


RKRichTextView is one of the most advanced Editable Rich Text Views. It is tested to work with iPhone/iPad OS 5.0 and newer.

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CoreTextHyperlinkView screenshot


Uses AutoHyperlinks code from Adium Project includes an example of how to use the core text view. It's pretty simple - create the view with a 0 height frame, set the attributes, set its text, and then ask it for it's size so that the height is just correct. It will calculate based on the constraining width, and any padding that you set. There is also a Twitter specific subclass that enables @usernames and #hashtags to be linkified. Settable Attributes: textAlignment textColor linkColor highlightedLinkColor fontName fontSize paddingTop paddingLeft backgroundImage bgImageTopStretchCap bgImageLeftStretchCap

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