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DSTextView screenshot


DSTextView to get rid of placeholder and its color issue of UITextView of UIKit in swift 5.

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YanagiText screenshot


YanagiText allows us to add any UIView to UITextView!

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MMText screenshot


Text Edit with error and title string

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AnimatedField screenshot


Animated UITextField with check & filter for default types (email, url, password, price, date...) for iOS

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BSAutocomplete screenshot


BSAutocomplete can give you the amazing fullscreen-autocomplete experience!! how it works URL:

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TextViewMaster screenshot


📱Easy custom placeholder and growing textView You can easily adjust the color, font, and position of the placeholder. The height of the textview automatically changes every time you increase or decrease the line in the textview.

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Tagging screenshot


A TextView that provides easy to use tagging feature for Mention or Hashtag

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PinCodeInputView screenshot


A input text view for entering pin code.

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HASuggestionField screenshot


HASuggestionField is a iOS suggestion list written in Swift. It suggests list of items provided against any symbol. It allows user to select any of the suggested item from dropdown. Then it applies provided attributes on selected item. Items are also defined by structs. These structs will define each item's properties.

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SpellCheckerTextView screenshot


A UITextView subclass which detects and highlights words with incorrect spellings. The language is determined using the Device Language. Uses UISpellChecker and NSLinguistic Tagger. Written entirely in Swift 4.1.

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SBMessageInputView screenshot


A home made iMessage textview with an accessory button.

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TLFloatLabelTextField screenshot


A Beautiful and flexible text field control(along with the bottom line) implementation of "Float Label Pattern". Written in Swift.

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TweetTextView screenshot


This is a custom NSTextView to heighlight username hashtag and link.

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AGTypewriterLabel screenshot


A simple UILabel that displays the text character by character. It allows for full customization in letting different segments of text type at different speeds as well as adding pauses. Works for all languages.

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RimhTypingLetters screenshot


A simple typing animation for UITextView and UILabel in Swift.

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FormSheetTextView screenshot


FormSheetTextView is a FormSheet style UITextView.

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PageSheetForm screenshot


PageSheetForm is a PageSheet style form.

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PopOverMenu screenshot


PopOverMenu is a PopOver style menu.

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NSJFontResizingUITextView screenshot


The UITexfield can adjust its font size from a max value to a min value dynamicaly with its text. NSJFontResizingUITextView implements the same for UITexView.

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RegeributedTextView screenshot


RegeributedTextView is a subclass of UITextView that supports fully attribute string based on regular expression.

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TvOSTextViewer screenshot


Light and scrollable view controller for tvOS to present blocks of text

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