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SRActivityIndicator screenshot


Alternative to UIActivityIndicator with center image.

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GeometricActivityIndicator screenshot


A collection of intricate geometric ActivityIndicator animations that add pizzaz to your projects.

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ANLoader screenshot


Create Swift loader in a single line with beautiful animation. 🏵

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Dots screenshot


Modern loading indicator for iOS 10. It allows developers to integrate loading animation like Google dots easily.

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JDGamesLoading screenshot


(IOS)Let User Play Game When Loading

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Instagram Activity Indicator screenshot

Instagram Activity Indicator

Activity Indicator similar to Instagram's new Activity Indicator. Very customizable, i.e. the number of segments, color, and duration.

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JDBreaksLoading screenshot


JDBreaksLoading Based on simple UIView and SpriteKit. You can easily start up a little breaking game by one line. By the way, don't make user wait too long to play the game~

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GUIActivityIndicatorView screenshot


GUIActivityIndicatorView is a CoreAnimation based activity indicator view that mimics the GMail app's

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SWActivityIndicatorView screenshot


A simple flat activity indicator view.

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BLMultiColorLoader screenshot


Simple, easy to use, Multi coloured and customisable loading indicator (loader) for iOS applications.

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BLLoader screenshot


Simple, easy to use and customisable loading indicator (loader) for iOS applications.

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UIActivityLabel screenshot


Label with ActivityIndicator

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DGActivityIndicatorView screenshot


DGActivityIndicatorView is a great way to make loading spinners in your application look nicer. It contains 6 different indicator view styles.

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DKUserMessageView screenshot


Simple iOS User Message View with Optional Loading.

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MONActivityIndicatorView screenshot


An awesome custom activity indicator view for iOS.

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TSActivityIndicatorView screenshot


This is very simple view class that looks like an UIActivityIndicatorView but is fully customizable. It's great for you if you want to add indicator view to you game or app and it should be customized. If you use this class you can not only make circular Indicators, you can add images that are wide and have e.g. 3 rotating balls etc. (instead of one object which rotate in native UIActivityIndicator).

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DiamondActivityIndicator screenshot


This is a remake of the UIActivityIndicatorView class. It's based on a concept by @Sentry_NC (found here:

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ETActivityIndicatorView screenshot


A Windows Phone-like activity indicator for iOS.

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FSExtendedAlertKit screenshot


Simple replacement for UIAlertView and UIActionSheet with block callbacks, and quick access to alerts with UIActivityIndicatorView and UIProgressView subviews.

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YLActivityIndicatorView screenshot


A Facebook-like loading indicator.

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DAReloadActivity screenshot


DAReloadActivity is a UIButton subclass (with a refresh arrow by default) with UIActivityIndicatorView properties.

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