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MHWebViewController screenshot


An Instagram inspired Web View Controller.

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JSQWebViewController screenshot


A lightweight Swift WebKit view controller for iOS

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CruiserWebViewController screenshot


Yet another one WebKit browser controller with enhanced navigation and additional controls.

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GDWebViewController screenshot


A simple view controller for navigating web pages using WKWebView. - A browser-like view controller to support web pages navigation in your Swift app. - Supports back-forward navigation and pag...

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DZNWebViewController 3.0 screenshot

DZNWebViewController 3.0

An iPhone/iPad mini WebKit browser controller with navigation controls and contextual features, useful for in-app web browsing. Built to be subclassed and extended.

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JBWebViewController screenshot


A drop-in modal web browser inspired by the current browser in the Facebook app on App Store. Works on both iOS 7 & iOS 8.

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M2DWebViewController screenshot


Simple built-in web view controller using WebKit and UIKit.

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KAWebViewController screenshot


A UIWebView ViewController to be used with a UINavigationController or on its own as a modal segue. KAWebViewController is a view controller class for UIWebView. I never found a similar solutio...

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TOWebViewController screenshot


An inline web browsing view controller that can be used to quickly display web content to users from within an app. It automatically customises its appearance based on the device's current iOS vers...

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EGYWebViewController screenshot


In-app browser for iOS apps with UIActivity support. EGYWebViewController features: * iPhone- and iPad-specific UIs * full landscape orientation support * back, forward, stop/refresh and ac...

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PBWebViewController screenshot


PBWebViewController is a light-weight, simple and customizable web browser component for iOS. It's just 2 source files, image-free, around 200 lines of code and has been built with modern Cocoa dev...

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DZNWebViewController screenshot


**NOTE**: this has been superseded by [DZNWebViewController 3.0]( A simple web browser for iPhone & iPad with similar features th...

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SVWebViewController screenshot


A simple and elegant inline browser for your iPhone or iPad app.

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