About Cocoa Controls

What it Does

Cocoa Controls lists custom controls and views for iOS and Mac OS X, helping you improve the quality of your Cocoa application with the least work possible.

Who Made It

Aaron Brethorst

Hi - I'm Aaron, and I built this thing. I'm a software developer in Seattle, WA. I've worked for companies ranging in size from 2-100,000 employees, founded an Angel-backed firm that was later acquired, and I am currently the owner and principal of a boutique web and mobile development firm, called Structlab LLC.


Hi – I'm Marine. I am UX designer in Cambridge, UK. I've also worked for companies of different sizes (ranging from 2 to 4000) and had many different job titles in the last 10 years. Together with Rob, we have been selling iOS components for a while, and we teamed up with Aaron to develop the website further, which we are quite excited about. During the day I work on the commercial / design tasks for Cocoa Controls and by night I do some painting and illustrations. Pleased to meet you!


Hi – I'm Rob. People claim I am a geek, and they're probably right. I'm a software engineer by day and radio amateur by night. Both hobbies I've enjoyed for many years, starting with the BBC Model B computer with its BASIC programming language, and gaining my ham radio licence in 1996, age 11.


Email us at info@cocoacontrols.com